Nano Graft Hair Transplant

Nano Graft is the new and advanced technique of hair transplant
which is first time starting in Dubai. Nano Graft is the most advanced
technique of hair transplant in Dubai.

Reliable Services with Care is providing the advanced hair
transplantation services. Our services and
techniques are quite reliable, advanced and different
from the other hair restoration clinics.

Are You Worried for Hair Transplant

Hair is the reflection of man's personality. There is no
need to get worry. We are providing the hair transplant
services with care.

Female Hair Restoration Services

We are providing the best female hair
restoration services across the UAE.
You can consult us for free without any hesitation.

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Stop Dreaming.. ACT NOW
Free consultation
Book Consultation and Get AED 1000 Off On Surgery *

Hair Transplant Services

We are providing all hair transplant treatments in Dubai

Hair Transplant in Dubai

Welcome to Dubai Hair Club

Dubai Hair Club is one of the most renowned clinics offering best hair transplant in Dubai. We provide rewarding solutions for baldness and all types of hair loss in both men and women. At DHC, we have a dedicated team of renowned and highly experienced doctors and experts who have expertise in all surgical and non-surgical hair restoration methods.
We are dealing with all the latest hair restoration techniques and help thousands of baldness and hair loss victims get natural hair lines once again by providing the best possible facilities to our clients. The hair transplant techniques and treatments that are available at DHC comprise the surgical procedures including FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), female hair restoration, eyelash, eyebrows, and beard transplants. Minimally invasive techniques of Dubai hair transplant comprising FUE hair transplant and non-surgical hair loss treatments include hair loss injections, ACell hair loss therapy, PRP hair restoration treatment, and mesotherapy

Benefits of Getting Services of Hair Transplant in Dubai

Hair transplant Dubai is striving hard to bring innovation and improvements in the hair restoration techniques. If you have bald scalp or suffering from hair loss, you need no more wigs, hair systems, hair pieces, lotions and other temporary solutions. Thanks to our experts, you just need to walk-in to the best providers of hair transplant in Dubai, get our services and enjoy a fuller scalp and youthful appearance once again without any discomfort and pain.We are providing special discounted offers to facilitate our customers. This is the reason that we are considered as one of the top clinics for hair transplant in Dubai. You cannot find such an amazing discount offers anywhere else for hair transplant in Dubai. We offer a free consultation to our valuable clients. Just fill in the free consultation form for any queries and get a reply within 24 hours.

Our Doctors

  • Dr. Juan Ruiz Alconero

    Hair Transplant Surgeon

    Dr. Juan Ruiz is a highly skilled hair transplant surgeon who specializes in aesthetic dermatology. He is devoted to ensuring that his patients get the best treatment.
  • Dr. Gokhan Ozerdem

    Hair Transplant Surgeon

    Dr. Gokhan Ozerdem is an expert in Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He has years of experience in the field of hair transplants and has worked for numerous clinics internationally
  • Dr. Muhammad Nadeem

    Hair Transplant Surgeon

    Dr. Nadeem is a pioneer of major hair transplant sessions. He is a Laparoscopic surgeon and consultant General. Also, he has an institute in Pakistan where he trains others in various hair transplant techniques

What Our Patients Say About Us

  • After about 11 months, I have had grown hair out that look great. I am no longer half bald and the hair have a very natural look. It reminds me of the time when I had slight thinning in the very start. Everyone thinks that it’s a great job as it gives me options for hairstyles and it looks like I never lost those hair. Fantastic job by Dubai Hair Club. They do their work really well.
    Tanveer Ahmed
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • I got my transplant done about a year back. I was half bald back then. The procedure took nearly the whole day and I had to take a few days off from work afterwards. Thankfully there was no noticeable scarring on the skin.
    Zainab Rao
    Oman, Saudia Arabia
  • I got in touch with Dubai Hair Club through their website form. I set up an appointment with their surgeon who discussed the transplant options in detail. I decided to opt for Follicular Unit Extraction as it wasn’t too expensive and offered great results.
    Riadh, Saudia Arabia
  • I lost my hair at an early age and it left me a little low on confidence. I was not sure of getting a hair transplant since I had heard all kinds of stories about transplants going bad and people ending up with scarring. A friend of mine got a hair transplant and told me that it was mostly urban legend and transplants generally yielded great results.
    Aliza Hashmi

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Dubai Hair Club is providing another exclusive offer for your ease. We are happily introducing our authorized agents The barber room,Moataz salon,Sam salon,GQ lounge, W. Gents Salon and Barbero are our authorized agents. If anyone of you visits our clinic on the behalf of their recommendation then you will get a special discount. The special discount will be discussed with you in person as we need to keep different aspects in consideration. However, it is our guarantee to provide you the best discount that no other hair transplant clinic is providing in Dubai, UAE.

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