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February 3, 2017
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February 6, 2017

What is trichology? Most of you are quite unfamiliar with the term. Let me make it easy for you. The term trichology reveals the science of human hair. The structure, function, and diseases related to human hair are studied in it. The treatment of human scalp and diseases related to hair is included in the clinical trichology. But wait! Why are you in need of a trichologist? Do you require a best trichologist in Dubai? Read on and you will get the answers of these questions.

  • Hair Loss

Great distress and genetic issues are the main causes of hair loss. However, various misunderstandings are related to the issue of hair loss. Skilled ways and an experienced trichologist is required to solve such issues. Different types of hair loss exist, some of the types are treatable to some extent with the use of home remedies, and however, other types require professional treatment. This is the reason that it is essential for a person to coordinate with the trichologist so that issue can be resolved properly.

  • Scalp Issues

Scalp issues are normally considered as the root cause of the hair loss. Multiple problems are the reason behind hair loss that ranges from dandruff to other stirring conditions. Skin allergies, poor nutrition, and stress are some aspects that are responsible for this issue. The trichologist can advise you to get healthy scalp by proposing right food and right shampoo according to your condition.

  • Texture of Hair

The hair texture controls the appearance of the hair in which ways they look from outside. The science behind rough hair or bad texture of the hair is tough that is not understandable by all. For this purpose, you need to consult a trichologist to know about actual issue.

  • Pharmaceutical Preparations

Trichologists assess and understand the exact issue, and then prescribe some creams, masks for the hair, or the shampoo for the treatment. It is essential to solve the issue that you are going through. Hence, these items always need to be utilized on the basis of the instructions of a trichologist.

  • Additional Services

Some other services of a trichologist involve the advice related to different hair treatments. If you want to get a hair transplant or get benefit from any other hair restoration method in Dubai then trichologists are always available to help you in this regard.

Here, at Dubai Hair Club, we have an experienced trichologist who is best for hair transplant in Dubai. He can guide you regarding all types of processes that you can avail for resolving your hair problem. He can assist you in selection of an experienced and suitable hair transplant expert to get your treatment done. If you want to get a temporary solution, for example, weaving, wigs, or extension clips, trichologists provide you best referrals. Trichologists may assist you in developing an understanding of your hair in a practical way. The trichologist is important as you can never measure his importance. We are striving hard to provide you the best opportunities so that you can take care of your hair and find the best solution for them. Fill out following form to get FREE consultation from our expert trichologist.

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