Why Is So Much Of My Hair Falling Out?

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June 17, 2017
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June 21, 2017
Why Is So Much Of My Hair Falling Out

It’s a known truth that baldness or thinning effects both men and women. Look around you, and you will find many of them, facing different scalp issues. In the case of men, it is seen that baldness usually occurs as they elevate in their age. The reason can differ among them because every human has his own unique body structure and underlying health system. So, the cause of baldness also differs. Besides all these differences in contributing factors, the question of a common man is, WHY?
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To answer your why, let us guide you through the most common contributing factors behind this problem. It is true that men of specific age bracket are prone to the baldness issues. While the researchers say that around 1-5 women over 25 years of age suffer from bald headedness or thinning. Here are some common factors that you must keep into notice, as they might help you to get the answer you desire.

    • Health Care

Sound mind and body comes with good health. And the health is not just confined to your perfect body functions, but also your scalp is involved equally. Any change in your bodily health can infer the effect on the scalp too. Some of the underlying health issues such as thyroid disease are considered as the major contributing factor. As the hormonal misbalance occurs, that effects follicles of the scalp.

    • Eating Habits & Nutritional Value

Are you on a nutritional diet? Check it today, because proper nutrition is essential to cover your body’s necessary requirements of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Just be sure, certain vitamins, proteins, and veggies have hidden wonders that are beneficial for your scalp and strands. If the scalp doesn’t receive them, you are prone to hair loss.

    • Lifestyle & Environment

A simple lifestyle is a key to preventing any untoward happenings to you. But if you are living in the area that has environmental pollutants like polluted air and water, it becomes difficult to save yourself. These factors contribute in damaging the scalp cells and strand’s shaft, hence causing different baldness problems.
Just look at all these factors mentioned, to get a proper answer to your worry. They will be helpful to manage the problem timely and efficiently. Still, if you are facing immense baldness problems and seek the way out, hair transplant in Dubai has your resort. The treatment is totally natural and bears permanent results in the end. Get a consultation today to get help for your baldness.

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