Why Is My Scalp Dry and Itchy?

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July 6, 2017
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July 7, 2017
Why Is My Scalp Dry and Itchy

If you are constantly scratching your scalp it’s called itching. A disruptive feel that won’t let you sit calm. Constant itching on the scalp can be disturbing and can be a cause of embarrassment in a social gathering. The one question comes in mind, why do I have it? Why itching? Well, it can be due to dryness of skin that causes flakes to develop, any skin problem or any other issue. Let’s find out what are the possible reasons behind itching and related issues.

  • Itchiness can be felt due to dryness of scalp skin. The dryness is caused when the natural oils of skin are depleted due to constant shampooing, not oiling or due to weather conditions.
  • One cause can be dandruff. A shedding of upper skin of the scalp that leaves white flakes on the scalp. The white flakes can also appear on the neck areas too. It can be a form of a skin condition called eczema that can cause intense shedding of normal skin cells of the scalp.
  • Dandruff can be a cause of a fungal infection on scalp skin. Seasonal changes and dry weather can also cause dandruff or itching due to dryness. Intense seasonal changes can make the problem worse.
  • The fungal infections also include the ringworm. An infection that is formed on the outer layer of the scalp, causing a rash in the form of circular patches with raised red edges. It causes itching, rash, redness and sometimes burning effect on scalp skin.
  • The chronic skin infections are psoriasis and seborrhea. Psoriasis is a chronic an autoimmune condition that causes raised, reddish, scaly patches on the skin or scalp. While the seborrhea is the condition of the scalp that makes the skin red and covered with greasy white and yellowish look. The itching condition is present in both conditions
  • There is an uncommon skin condition that often develops during stress, fatigue or exposure to a chemical that is called lichen planus. A skin rash that is triggered by the immune system

What Is The Treatment?

The treatment depends on the cause of the problem and the symptoms identify it. The symptoms are better identified by a specialist who has experience related to skin problems. There are certain scalp skin issues that can cause hair loss that can later turn into baldness. To find the permanent solution, the FUE hair transplant in Dubai has got the answer.

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