Why Eyebrow Shed? How To Prevent Eyebrow Hair Loss?

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March 7, 2017
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March 8, 2017

Eyebrows play their part in shaping and framing your face. They play an essential role in the facial expressions and appearance. You will surely observe the differences in your appearance when your eyebrow hair starts falling. You would like to repair the eyebrow hair and get them back to get your real expressions back. There can be several causes behind eyebrow loss. However, you should take some steps to get the eyebrow hair back. You should eat thehealthy diet and adjust your routine in a way that will enhance your lifestyle.

  • Get Enough Iron

Iron is one of the most common causes that lead you towards hair loss. You should ensure that you are getting enough amount of iron in your diet. Visit a doctor and get your iron level checked. Your doctor will suggest you if you need to take some supplements or you just need to add some specific ingredients in your diet. Broccoli and leafy greens are enough to get iron. The cause that iron deficiency can be a reason of hair loss is that your body steal the iron from hair follicles to fulfill its requirement.

  • Drink Enough Water On Daily Basis

It is necessary for your body to get enough hydration if you need good health. Ensure the drinking of enough water on adaily basis as it is recommended by doctors that it leads you towards good health and strong hair.

  • Stop Over-Plucking

Over-plucking is another cause of eyebrow hair loss. In simple words, you may say that you are not just removing the hair through plucking but also let the hair growth to prevent in future. Slow down the process of plucking when you notice that your hairsare not growing back accurately.

  • Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil serves as a moisturizer and it helps your skin and hair to moisturize. Try to apply coconut oil whenever you wash your face.

Have you used most of the remedies but don’t get the noticeable difference?If yes, you should go for a permanent solution. Yes, I am talking about hair transplant. It is the FDA approved method that allows you to get your hair back on your scalp or facial area through a surgery. Different hair transplant procedures are available but FUE Dubai is the best procedure that is used to perform eyebrow hair transplant. As a result, you get your eyebrow hair back on a permanent basis. It is a one-time procedure and once you get the treatment, you don’t need to be worried about your hair again.

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