Why Do You Need to Watch Out Your Styling Routines to Avoid Hair Loss?

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April 12, 2017
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April 13, 2017

Women are more conscious about how they look and the greater contributor other than fair dress and makeup is the perfect up-do. Getting perfect up do is considered a great plus with a plus in your own persona and grace.  But do you ever notice that what if this routine style might be damaging your beautiful locks.

The shed and regrowth on scalp goes on, but if this normal course increases its strength, than its an alarming situation. And for you, it needs reconsidering the styling methods and maintenance of your locks. In the race of getting prettier, the excess adaptation of tight up-do, may be unconsciously posing risks of baldness in women. So, hold on and search for the facts related to this problem.

The Traction Alopecia

A common cause of baldness in females is known as thetraction alopecia. This condition occurs when the hair is put under constant strain by styling. Due to the constant tension in strands, like the rubber strands, the gradual loss happens. That’s primarily the reason of pulling force that constantly stretchesthe strands.

It is not until it gradually appears, as thinning  around the temples, that is behind your ears. When you notice it, immediately search for the root cause and try to eliminate it from your daily lifestyle.

  • Tight Braids

Braids is a commonstyle being used for a very long time. It provides a simple as well funky look. It is not a notion to restrain you from doing braids. But you should know the one simple thing while styling braids that If you let it pulled back too tightly behind the head, there is a catch. It may cause breakage in your strands from the roots, which can also cause, follicle damage.  Too much tight braids cause tensile stress, the result of constant tugging on follicles.

  • Extensions

Extensions are often used women for a quick fix to get long locks. They are clipped inside under your original locks in a way to mimic as natural look. In case the weave is tight, it can be a contributing factor for traction alopecia. The extensions need to be fitted properly and not to tight, to ensure better look as well as maintainingscalp health at the same time.

  • Tight ponytail

The tight ponytail do exactly what the tight braids can do. The tightness tends to stretch the natural elasticity of each strand, leading to the chance of breakage. The tight styling puts strain on your crown area, which not only makes you uneasy but also lead to hair loss too.


It will be feasible for you if you style them either down, or adopt some loose style. Wither way it is, the goal is not to pull the root. This prevents breakage and maintain natural elasticity. So, choose a summer style that is more effective and less damaging.

If you have already lost your scalp to baldness for any of these reasons or other than hair transplantation in Dubai is the one permanent solution. This procedure harvests your healthy graft and implant to the bald areas of scalp. Many people all around the world are getting long term benefits from this procedure.

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