Why Do Women Have Hair Loss Reasons Revealed!

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January 28, 2017
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January 30, 2017

Take proper care of your hair is necessary whenever it comes to the health of hair. The hair comes at the risk of damaging if proper care is not provided to hair. However, hair loss is a problem for both women and men. The majority of the women have reported having thinning of hair.

First of all, you need to know the causes of the damaging of hair grafts. It is necessary to know the cause as if you don’t know the exact cause then you cannot find the best way to cure your issue. There are different aspects that have the influence on the ways in which hair grows. Hormones, drugs and medications, deficiency of nutrition, environment, and genetics, all of these factors play their part in making a person bald. On the other hand, women perform different procedures to get stylish hair. They use different hairstyles, tools to style their hair, highlight, chemical treatments, perms, and other procedures that may affect the hair badly. Even, if a woman is having poor hygiene then she is prone to adopt hair loss or hair thinning. Any of the factors can become a cause of your hair loss.

For example, the use of hot oil to treat dry hair is useful but there is another side that the hot oil cause scars to the permanent hair loss. It can block the growth of new hair on apermanent basis.

Following Are Some Other Reasons:

  1. Genes

If hair loss and baldness run in your family then you are more prone to lose your hair. Heredity is necessary for every disease.

  1. Hormones

Another factor is hormones. The specific fluctuations in your hormonal levels can make changes in your hair growth.

  1. Drugs and Medications

Use of different drugs and medications leave a disastrous effect on hair. As a result, there may be a sudden hair loss in women.

  1. Environment

Environmental factors are always important when it comes to thehealth of a person. If you move to any other city then you also need to change your habits to get a healthy life. Pollution is a cause of damaging hair.

  1. Nutritionally Deficient

Proper diet is really essential to get healthy hair. Nutritional deficiency is a basic cause of hair loss specifically in women. Usually, women don’t care about their health and used to indulge in dieting that makes them nutritionally deficient.

Once you get to know the actual reason then you need to solve it. Also, if your hair loss is something that is irritating you and lowering your confidence then you should go for a permanent solution. Hair transplantation is the method that is providing a permanent solution to your hair loss.

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