When Reconstructive Hair Transplant is required?

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February 28, 2017
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Hair loss is a common issue for the olden times. However, people were always in search of the ways through which they can get their hair back. Now, we have got the solution in the form of hair transplantation. You may curious about reconstructive hair transplant and think when it is required.

What is Reconstructive Hair Transplant?

Reconstructive hair transplant is the treatment plan that is performed when an error occurred in the previous treatment. That errors may include the scars on the surgical area or the difference in direction of hair follicles. When you get a hair transplant then you don’t want others to recognize it, so you want to avoid any kind of errors at any cost.

Usually, it happens when the surgeon is not skilled enough to perform a treatment. On the other hand, it may be the issue from the patient’s side due to his negligence.

When is this treatment required?

When you get any kind of hair transplantation and after some time you notice that there are some errors in your appearance. At this time, you may complain to your doctor. But it is best if you find a surgeon who is providing reconstructive services.

First of all, the inefficiency and inexperience of the surgeon may be the main factor for any error in the treatment. You should search for a surgeon who has years of experience in the field of aesthetic surgery. Secondly, if you insist on opting for less number of grafts than actual requirement then the issue may take place. In such situation, when the hair grows long after the treatment then the bald patches will appear at the area where grafts were not implanted. This error has the capability to damage the overall look and personality appearance.

If you have gone through a strip method then the error may come in the form of the appearance of the scar from the donor area. If you don’t follow the pre-operative and post-operative instructions properly and you did not quit smoking, then you may not get expected result. Whatever the errors you have got, the only and best solution comes in the form of reconstructive hair transplant.

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