What Will Be the FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai?

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June 16, 2017
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June 19, 2017

Nowadays the technique that has changed the world of scalp restoration is the FUE hair transplant in Dubai. This technique has defined a new era of scalp rejuvenation. The use of follicular units and their extraction for implant purpose has introduced a new way of scalp restoration.

The latest surgical scalp restoration procedures have effective solutions for permanent benefits. As baldness is the problem of both men and women around us, many are having benefits from this ultimate treatment. By ultimate, it means the treatment is the one-time investment to your baldness free life.

The Cost Factors

The follicular unit extraction procedure is relatively more sophisticated and needs more refined skills thatrelatively changesthe cost. Here are some of the aspects that governthe overall hair transplant cost in Dubai:

Grafts Requirements

  • The number of grafts required to perform a successful surgery.
  • The pattern of baldness defines the number of grafts to be needed.
  • If the bald area is more prominent than more density may be required.

Number of Sessions

  • The number of thesession depends upon the graft requirement.
  • As the sessions include both grafts extraction, grouping, cleaning and the transplant, all of it takes time according to the grafts needed.


  • The nature of this technique is sophisticated and need extra care and precautions.
  • The use of latest equipment for incisions, graft extraction and then implantation.
  • The effort, time and staff’s skill are required during this treatment.


  • This technique requires an expert surgeon who knows the best practices.
  • The surgeon’s expertise, repute, and skills relate to his fee, that is another factor.
  • The more is the expertise, more is the cost.

Rest assured, the quality of the treatment depends on all the factors mentioned above, so as the cost factors. Usually, the cost of follicular unit extraction techniques ranges from AED 14 to AED 55 per follicular graft. This investment is worth it when it gets you a permanent relief from baldness problem. For consultations about this procedure, ask one of our trichologists at Dubai Hair Club.

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