What To Expect Immediately Following A Hair Transplant?

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February 6, 2017
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February 6, 2017

It is a fact that everyone has some expectations from the procedure right after having a hair transplant. However, the expectations of the patient depend on the adopted procedure and the explanation by the doctor. This is simply because of the difference in the recovery times related to different procedures. The FUE surgery Dubai simply needs the patient to indulge in the normal work routine the next day after the transplant. On the other hand, when a person goes through FUT transplant then he needs to focus on the recovery for some days before going back to work routine. There are many other realities regarding both procedures except recovery time. The patient needs to focus on each and every aspect to get the desired results. The patient needs to adopt a procedure by focusing on his recovery goals.

What Should The Patient Do?

If the patient is going through FUT procedure then he should keep the fact in his mind that he needs to take proper rest for some days. He should arrange the transportation to go back to the residence after transplantation. The process of hair grafting in Dubai is done by focusing on the patient’s goals.

Responsibility of Doctors

Surgeons need to provide clear information regarding the whole procedure and the expected results. It has been noticed that many doctors say wrong facts just to satisfy their customers. However, here at Dubai Hair Club, we provide real information to the patient on the basis of facts. Our doctors provide proper pre-op and post-op care instructions to the patients. These instructions help them to understand what to expect after a transplant and how to deal with their surgery.

Also, the patient needs to expect crusting on the recipient area that is a sign of healing. Our doctors provide specific instructions to the patients through which they have to clean their scalp. The patient needs to avoid rubbing the newly implanted hair grafts and picking the crust. The rubbing can lead to the removal of newly transplanted grafts that may lead to bad results. It can also result in the form of bleeding so you should take care of it just according to your surgeon’s instructions.

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