What Makes You an Ideal Candidate for Hair Transplant?

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January 26, 2017
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January 27, 2017

About five years ago, when Wayne Rooney underwent hair transplant surgery, it was not a common procedure and the public was doubtful about it. However, now it has become one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures. Not only the celebrities but a common man suffering from baldness is now also considering the hair transplant as the solution. We all know that millions of men and women have got successful hair transplant results but it is also the fact that not everyone is an ideal candidate for this surgery.

Everybody thinks of hair transplant when losing hair or suffering from baldness but in this article, we will share some lesser known factors that make you the best candidate for hair transplant.If you are also hopeful with your receding hairline and you want to know whether you are a hair transplant candidate or not, continue reading.

Your scalp is flexible

More flexible your scalp is, more suitable you are the candidate for hair restoration surgery. This is because more flexible and looser scalp makes insertion of hair follicles a lot easier.

Hair restoration surgeries work better with certain hair colors

Your hair color and how it relates to your scalp color may also affect how your transplant results look. The lesser contrast between your hair and scalp color makes you a better candidate. In this case, fewer graft transplants would be enough to achieve good coverage because the colors would blend with each other showing better outcomes.

Shape and thickness of your hair may also affect hair transplant success

The cross-sectional area and shape of your hair may also affect how your head would look after hair transplant. Hair with thicker cross-sectional area look denser on scalp and therefore, fewer grafts would be needed in surgery. Similarly wavy or curly hair also provide better coverage than straight hair.

You are not suffering from any scalp disease

If you are suffering from alopecia or any other scalp disease, you might not be an ideal candidate for traditional hair transplant as it leads to insufficient donor supply. Furthermore, scalp diseases may cause progressing hair loss that makes you a poor hair transplant candidate.

Above mentioned factors may help you determine how your hair transplant results will appear but it is still important to consult an experienced hair transplant expert to determine your candidacy for the procedure.

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