What Is Hair Transplant Micro Grafting?

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April 26, 2017
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The technology became advanced in the last few decades and so the procedures of hair transplantation. In the olden times, the hair plugs were used that provided the artificial look and everyone easily come to know that a person has got the hair restoration. However, nowadays the methods are advanced and micro grafting is used to perform the procedure. Advanced technologies have made the procedure natural looking.

Nowadays, most of the hair transplant surgeries include micro grafting – that is holding 3-4 follicles to make one graft. In the older procedures, almost 10-12 follicular roots are used to make a graft. However, in the latest method micro grafting procedure is used to provide more natural look.

Who Can Perform Micro Grafting?

Skilled surgeons are required to perform the micro grafting procedures. They have enough expertise to perform the advanced procedures. You need to be very careful while going to get a treatment. You shouldn’t skip an expert surgeon just due to money because it’s a one-time procedure. It is not something that you can get again and again so you need to be very careful in the selection. When you get a procedure by an expert then no one can identify that you have gone through any restoration procedure. This is the thing that matters a lot.

Why Are Micro Grafts Preferred?

Micro grafting is preferred by the people as they get natural looking hair with this process. It is the most natural way to harvest hairs in the scalp. No one can even know the difference if the procedure is performed correctly. All of us want to get the appearance that doesn’t let other people know that we have adopted any clinical or surgical procedure to get our beauty back. Micro grafting is the best way to do so.

Here, at Dubai Hair Club, we have a team of expert surgeons who are qualified enough to perform micro grafting to provide a natural and smooth look to you. Also, we are providing the treatment plans at discounted rates. You can consider our monthly offers to get a special discount. We are the best stop to get hair transplant in Dubai.

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