What Causes Hair Loss Leading To Baldness

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January 30, 2017
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Hair loss is often related to aging men but this condition can affect virtually anyone at any age and there are a number of causes behind it. Shedding 100 hair a day is normal and is part of hair growth cycle but if you are experiencing hair loss, the situation would be different. Hair that fall out because of hair loss may not grow back and lead to baldness. Before going bald, it is important to know about the cause and try to avoid it or get a solution.Discussed below are some factors that may contribute to causing hair loss.

Genetics is the main cause behind hair loss. Such type of hair loss often leads to baldness and the only effective solution is hair transplant surgery. Aside from this factor, a wide variety of other factors also contributes in hair loss. They include:

Harsh hair styles or products

Harsh hair styles pull your hair tight and damage strands causing hair loss. Hairstyles that include use of rollers, tight rubber bands may cause inflammation in the follicles. Use of hair products that are harsh or do not suit your hair type also cause hair damage. Depending on the degree of damage caused, hair loss may be permanent.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can also cause hair loss. It is more common among women who experience hormonal shifts because of pregnancy, birth control pills, childbirth or menopause. These factors make more hair follicles enter dormant phase that leads to hair shedding.

Certain illness or medications

Some diseases like thyroid disorders, iron deficiency, lupus and syphilis or medications also trigger hair fall. Alopecia is an autoimmune condition that causes permanent hair loss.Chemotherapy – cancer treatment – also contributes in hair loss since it kills fast-growing cells in the body and affect hair follicles as well. Medications for high blood pressure and excessive vitamin A are also the contributors.

Improper diet

Like our body, our hair also need proper nutrients for healthy growth. Insufficient intake of protein, vitamins and minerals also cause hair loss. They can temporarily make hair follicles cease hair growth.


Aging is a natural factor that contributes in hair loss. With aging, hair follicles ad strands become nutrient deficient which results in gradual hair loss.

Above mentioned are some common causes behind hair loss and by avoiding or controlling them, one can avoid or control hair loss. However, if you are already experiencing permanent hair loss or baldness, you should consider hair loss treatments or hair transplant in Dubai. At Dubai Hair Club, we offer various hair loss treatments and transplant.

If you are interested in having any of the treatments or want to know more, call us now or fill in the consultation form below to book a consultation with our experts.

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