What Are the Latest Treatments for a Quick Cure to Baldness?

FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai
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July 10, 2017
Hair Transplant Options To Treat My Baldness
Hair Transplant Options To Treat My Baldness
July 11, 2017
What Are the Latest Treatments for a Quick Cure to Baldness

The science and technology is on a continuous pace of research and development. Always finding the new ways to tackle the problem in a most efficient way. Hair loss is the rising problem nowadays and finding a better solution is now a major goal. In order to get a permanent solution for it, the best hair transplant in Dubai has got a perfect resort. The latest procedures and techniques have paved a new way towards healthier scalp restoration.

What Causes Baldness?

The baldness can have many reasons behind such has skin infections, hereditary problem, stress or any other underlying health problem. The cause behind the loss is usually the follicles inflammation that leads to the unhealthy or immature growth of hair.

Latest Treatments

The discovery of follicles leads to a new era of surgical transplant that induced the idea that relocating the existing healthy follicles to the bald spots can help to regrow hair naturally. This lead to the innovation of FUE hair transplant in Dubai. In this procedure, follicular units used for transplantation are harvested from the permanent zone called the donor site, usually at the back of the head and implant to the bald areas.

Theory of Donor Dominance

In the surgical transplant surgery, the outcome significantly depends on the density and sufficiency of the donor area. The donor area is free from any effects of baldness or naturally resistant to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormones that contribute to baldness.  This is all because of the following factors:

  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the active form of the male sex hormone testosterone, found in both males and females.
  • It plays a major role in the pathogenesis of androgenic alopecia, the pattern baldness condition found in both genders.
  • In some people, the DHT levels fluctuate and effect the ability of follicles. Hence making them unable to absorb essential nutrients and promote progressive shrinking.
  • This condition causes the hair to keep falling or make them thin.

Hence, according to the donor dominance theory, transplanted hair grafted extracted from the donor site is not expected to fall out.

After The Treatment

After the treatment the recovery talks place in few weak then the normal growth begins. In cases of extensive hair loss, the surgery can be supplemented by the medications to help maintain hair growth in DHT sensitive areas and avert a future loss.

Cost of Treatment

The hair transplant in Dubai costs according to the donor availability and the nature of baldness a client is facing. Also, it depends on the technique being used. The follicular unit extraction method has relatively high rates because it is intended to achieve a more natural look without scarring. And needs a special expertise for performing surgery.

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