What Are The 5 Causes Of Hair Loss In Women?

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What Are The 5 Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Are you aware that almost half of the females from the total human population suffers from hair loss? Many of them don’t know the real reason behind it. Commonly, when people elevate in their age, the growth rate on the scalp starts to decline. Talking about females, the baldness and thinning issues and causes differ as compared with that of men.

Hair loss has many reasons and causes. But the causes specific to women are different and are mostly noticed when the hair brush seems to get full day by day. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Genetics

Hair loss due to the hereditary conditions approximately affects most of the women all around the world. The female pattern baldness is the most common form of the hereditary baldness condition. It starts from thinning over the crown area.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance

As the age elevates, certain hormonal changes occur in the human body. Especially when women are of a childbearing age, the hormonal imbalance is the sure thing. Due to this hormonal imbalance, the hair loss is eminent.

  1. Iron Deficiency

The deficiency of iron levels in the blood is common among many women. It leads to many bodily functional changes, also including the scalp problems like thinning and baldness. The prolonged course of crash dieting can also drain the sufficient levels of iron in the body.

  1. Stress/ Trauma

The significant occurrence of physiological strain or prolonged illness can be one cause. Any emotional event that has left you in dire stress issues can cause the hair loss.

  1. Inappropriate Styling Habits

Usually, the improper styling habits can also be one cause, which may go unnoticed. Brushing too vigorously and wearing tight hairstyles can pull the strands out from the root and also damage the internal chemical bonding, hence making them weak and easily prone to damage.

What Is The Treatment?

For baldness issues, a proper check up with a trichologist can better suggest an option for a better treatment, after analyzing your scalp and the medical history. Nowadays, the female hair restoration has been solved efficiently with the best hair transplant in Dubai. It is the only permanent treatment that can surely restore your hair to their normal pace again, and sustain the results in the long run.

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