Ways To Fight Hair Loss In 2017

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March 21, 2017
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March 24, 2017
Ways To Fight Hair Loss

If you are losing your hair then you are facing two-sided destruction, one is the loss of hair and second is the loss of self-esteem. In the olden times, it was the worst experience for the people but nowadays technology has made it easy for them to tackle with this issue. Lots of surgical and non-surgical methods are available that can make your fight with hair loss easy in 2017. Following are some of the best ways to treat your hair loss.

It is the non-surgical process that claims to provide your hair back. A solution is specifically made by using allopathic and homeopathic medicines, vitamins, herbs, and minerals. This solution is injected in the required area of the scalp to make the hair growth possible. The areas that have thinning of hair are focused more during treatment. We are expert in treating hair loss with the help of mesotherapy so you can contact us to get this treatment.

ACell therapy and PRP therapy are not so many different. Actually, there are only some slight differences in these treatments. This technology is one the rise among people to treat their baldness. The reason is that you can treat your hair loss in the start. You don’t need to go through any surgical process while you are getting this treatment. ACell is the hair restoration technique that is approved by FDA. Aesthetic surgeons have been using this technique for a long time that helps in speed recovery after some major surgeries. Hence, recently hair transplant surgeons are using this technique to boost the process of hair growth. On the other hand, PRP treatment is a solution of some specific proteins that help in hair growth as well as they work for the enhancement of cells. Some surgeons use both of them to get better results.
Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation refers to surgical treatment in which the existing hair follicles are extracted from the area and implanted on the required area to grow new hair. Various hair restoration methods are available out there through which you can get your hair back. However, FUE and FUT are the most recommended methods.FUT is also known as strip method as a strip is used to get the hair follicles from the donor area whereas a small punch is used to extract the follicles in the FUE surgery. The later discussed treatment minimizes the risk of scar and more effort is required to perform the procedure. This is the reason this procedure is expensive.

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