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March 3, 2017
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March 6, 2017
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Some precautions are obligatory right after the hair transplant treatment. At this stage the implanted hair are sensitive. Your hair surgeon will surely give you specific instructions on what to follow and how to follow. It’s important for you to remember all of it in and before pursuing something, keep it in your mind. You’ll never want to accidently mishandle your hair grafts.

FUE Follicular hair transplant is a procedure for harvesting follicular units. The follicles are extracted from the donor area (back and side of the scalp) and implant to the recipient area (bald area). The importance of this procedure is covering the less bald area. FUE is latest standard procedure, that is recognized by competent hair transplant authorities and organizations.

The FUE procedure uniquely introduced an interpretation to get better outcome with less scars. Although the procedure demands less from you and has less limitations but hair transplant clinic Dubai ensures the quality services of post-op cares and precautions of FUE. The principles of precautions after FUE hair transplant is same in every best hair transplant clinic in Dubai.

Post-op Precautions

Following are some important aspects to keep in mind after the FUE hair transplant.

  • Don’t wash the surgical area, you need to be very careful. It is recommended to visit your hair surgeon the day after surgery for post treatment control. Here, the scalp will be gently cleaned, disinfected and the bandage is renewed.
  • You might notice the crusts forming over the surgical are. Just relax! Don’t worry, don’t try scratching, deal gently with it. The crusting means that the area is healing, the scratches can follow with infection.
  • However, if the crusting prolongs two-week time it can be a sign of delayed healing. Consult your doctor immediately. The best way to handle it is to leave it be, shampoo the area after five days.
  • In smaller FUE sessions redness and scales are noticed, cover up with a baseball cap. In larger FUE sessions, you should consider a 2-week vacation and rest till you fully recover. If much confused, consult your hair surgeon, many people report complete positivity of reactions after the treatment.
  • After the FUE hair transplant, you need to sleep in semi-sitting position. That helps getting rid of any swellings and promote fast recovery from it. It also prevents unintentional touching of newly transplanted hair all night.
  • It is recommended to take as much rest and heavy exercises immediately after the treatment.
  • Avoid direct exposure to heat, cold or sweating.
  • Try to have intake of vitamin C, it can prove to heal faster.
  • Eat green vegetables – spinach and broccoli for example and fresh fruits rich in vitamins. A diet that includes both nuts can likewise contribute to the healthy regrowth of the transplanted hair follicles.

fue hair transplant

All of these precautions after the FUE hair transplant are to be kept in practice for a week at most. With proper care and mindful act upon the hair surgeon’s instructions ensure better results.

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