The Top 5 Benefits You Can Get With FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai

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July 10, 2017
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FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai

The surgical scalp restoration has come a long way from traditional punching o flap method. The best hair transplant in Dubai is now providing new innovative and efficient techniques. The new advancements in the procedure have led to a new era of surgical transplant. That has made it the one successful treatment for a permanent fuller scalp restoration.

The new innovation is the hair transplant FUE treatment in Dubai that has changed the whole scenario of old techniques in a good sense. It all came with the discovery and research on the follicles and follicular units. This innovation led us to know that they actually grow in groups of 2-5 strands per follicle. An adult follicular unit has 14 fully grown strands in it. They can’t be seen by the bare eye but sufficient magnification can make them easily noticeable.

Procedure Summary

Let’s talk about the procedure. In this technique, the follicular units are harvested directly from the candidate’s donor area one by one using the tiny circular punch by a punching gun. The main difference is the harvesting process that makes it unique from the older techniques such as the strip harvesting. Whereas the grafting of the follicular units is approximately same. Here, the tiny hole is so minute that no suturing is needed and the scar far more unnoticeable.


Following are the major benefits of the procedure:

  1. No Linear Scar

The basic aspect of positivity of this procedure is that, unlike the older techniques, it leaves no visible scars on the area to be treated.

  1. Quicker Healing

The healing time of this technique is relatively faster than other techniques. It is just the matter of days after the treatment for recovery.

  1. Minimal Restrictions in Post-Op Care

As this procedure do not involve the use of any kind of scalpel or invasive process, that is why there are no intense restrictions on physical activities after the treatment. The full recovery is the matter of maximum 10 days.

  1. Large Donor Area

This technique provides a possibility for the expansion of donor area. Generally, it is believed that this possibility is best for people with less donor area and more recipient area. The grafts can be harvested from any other body part having sufficient grafts available.

  1. Natural outcome

The end result of this procedure is truly natural because in this technique the direction of grafts is kept into noticed specifically. The new growth just mimics the existing one, hence blending so well to give a totally natural look and feel

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