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April 10, 2017
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April 11, 2017

Modern people have lots of worries, stress, fast food, and sedentary lifestyle that leads them towards diabetes. Usually, it is considered that diabetes is associated with the unhealthy locks, fragile hair, severe baldness, and hair thinning. People, who are suffering from diabetes, are more prone to adopt baldness as compared to the other population. The blood vessels become narrow that becomes a reason to the hair thinning or hair loss. Actually, diabetes slows down the circulatory system that has negative impacts on the body.

Diabetes; A Trigger To Hair Loss

Diabetes makes the blood circulation poor that makes the hair follicles shrink. This behavior results in the baldness. The poor circulation can avoid the normal hair growth. So, diabetes doesn’t just become a reason to lose the hair but also it plays its role in preventing the new hair growth. Also, it may bring the hormonal imbalance that changes the pattern of hair growth and leads to the hair thinning.Also, the researches reveal that drugs that are prescribed by the doctors to treat diabetes also lead the person towards hair thinning. If this thing happens in your case then you need to consult your doctor on an immediate basis. This disease makes your immune system weak and also leads you towards thyroid infection etc. Also, diabetes can cause graying of hair, a higher level of stress, etc.

How Diabetes Influence Your Hair Loss Or Growth?

Did you notice your hair growth and find the differences that have made in your hair condition from the time till when you have diagnosed with diabetes?The changes may happen in the texture and color of your hair or in the form of progressive hair loss.

No doubt, diabetes has a close relation with the hair loss and lots of other health issues. If you are a victim of diabetes, you need to be very careful about your health. Moreover, if you are noticing that you are losing your hair more than usual then you should discuss this issue with your doctor. The technological innovations have made it possible now to get the solution of your hair loss. Various surgical and non-surgical treatments are accessible to provide you the natural hair back.

Hair transplantation is the best way to get your hair back on a permanent basis. However, if your hair loss is diagnosed at the start and you don’t want to get the surgical treatment then you may go for PRP treatment or Stem Cell therapy. These procedures are non-surgical and considered as the best solution if you are in the start of hair loss.

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