The Best Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Dubai

Everything You Wanted To Know About Acell Hair Transplant!
Everything You Wanted To Know About Acell Hair Transplant!
July 15, 2017
Get a Hair Transplant for Your Receding Hairline
Get a Hair Transplant for Your Receding Hairline
July 20, 2017
The Best Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Dubai

Hair loss is the problem of every other person around us. Both men and women are disturbed with this problem. If you are one of them, then you must be looking for a valid treatment that can free from this problem for good. Best hair transplant in Dubai is doing great to get your lost tresses back. With latest advancements in various techniques and procedures.

The non-surgical hair transplant in Dubai is the new form of treatment that does not involve any surgical aspects. No scalpel, no scar, no pain. This treatment is facilitating many people all around the globe. The natural scalp rejuvenation is perfect if you have baldness at its early stages. And it is always better for you to grab the problem in its initial stages so that it can be solved efficiently.

How does It work?

The PRP procedure is the one that got a much talk of today. It stands for platelet rich plasma and it works with the natural healing agents in your blood in order to heal the follicles.

Client is analyzed properly before starting the procedure. The detailed consultation session is done to get the better analysis of patient’s medical history and proper scalp checks up by an expert doctor, also known as a trichologist.

The Basics of PRP

  • The attractiveness of this procedure is that it heals your scalp with your own blood, no harvesting grafts from the scalp.
  • The platelets are the natural repairing agents in the human blood known as platelets. So, basically, they are utilized for healing the scalp.
  • This procedure is helpful in boosting the hair growth by improving follicular health.

The Procedure

  • The scalp area is numbed with the local anesthesia.
  • Patient’s blood is extracted and centrifuged to separate platelets.
  • Injections filled with platelet rich plasma separated from blood. That’s why proper medical history is important to be checked.
  • This plasma is injected into the upper skin of the scalp.
  • In the end, the scalp is bandaged with a band and the patient is free to go.
  • This procedure hardly taken an hour or less depends on the nature of baldness or thinning.

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