The Best FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai- A Step Forward!

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The Best FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai- A Step Forward!

The modern technology has given us many ways to solve different problems we face nowadays. Such as, it has solved the baldness problems of many with the hair transplant in Dubai. It is a surgical technique of moving the healthy grafts from scalp to the bald area. The process basically involves healthy follicles from the donor site, the healthy areas of the scalp. Over the years this surgical transplantation has evolved successfully.

Overview of the Procedure

The whole process of surgical transplant depends upon the health of the donor area. Back in time, in traditional methods, the punching technique was used. The punching is done on both donor and recipient areas through a circular punch of specific diameter. Donor sites are sutured according to the requirement. As the donor area is covered with surrounding hair, scars or incisions are not visible after the surgery.

Latest Innovation in Surgical Scalp Restoration

The FUE hair transplant in Dubai has opened new ways in this era of surgical scalp restoration. A specialty of this technique is that it is a sutureless procedure. In this technique, the grafts are extracted from the back side of the scalp with micro-punching. All of the procedure is done under the local anesthesia. The most consuming process in this technique is the harvesting of the follicles. A graft consists of 1-4 strands in it. Rest, the transplant is done same as the follicular unit transplant.

The candidate is analyzed before the surgery in order to examine the scalp condition and his validity for the FUE procedure. That is why a consultation session is required with a trichologist, before the procedure. Every technique has its own merits and not every person is the ideal candidate for it.


The most prominent benefits of this technique are:

  • Painless technique.
  • Non-invasive.
  • Scars are not visible.
  • Follicles from another body part can be used as the donor grafts.
  • More efficiency.

Besides that, multiple breaks are given between this procedure, as it’s a time-consuming process and needs a whole day dedicated to that. Though, the time consumed depends upon the nature of baldness and the grafts needed for the client. This procedure requires an expert surgeon or trichologist.  With all these factors, the hair transplant cost in Dubai for this technique is relatively high. But the investment seems fruitful when the effective, natural and permanent outcome is achieved from this procedure.

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