Stem Cell FUE

Stem cell fue

Stem cell FUE is the latest hair transplant in Dubai option which can give amazing and unmatchable result compared with other hair transplant treatments.

Hair loss is annoying issue which is faced by the millions of people around the world; it can damage your personality and confidence too. Hair loss is present in both sexes. Some people are fine with that while others want to address the issue. Medications are one way which can counter hair loss but they need to be used constantly.

Hair loss can be overcome through surgical procedures. Stemcell FUE Transplant is an invasive procedure which offers highly successful results. Let’s take a look at what is stem cell FUE transplant and how it works.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are several factors which cause hair loss in both the men and women which may include stress, poor hygiene, deficiency of food nutrients, androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness. This is characterized by presence of Dihydrotestosterone which is a male hormone present in both males and females.

What You Need to Do?

The very first thing which you need to do is look up for the best surgeon around you. Consult us for free by filling up the consultation form and get response in 24 hours. The doctor meets up with you and finalizes the plan and start preparation. You will be briefed on the precautions which are required before the treatment. You can also ask any question from our surgeons.

Who Is A Candidate?

You are a candidate for Stem Cell FUE if;

  • You scalp has enough laxity.
  • You have real expectations with the procedure.
  • You want to get natural hair back on your scalp.
  • You want to get scar free and painless procedure.
  • You are a healthy person.

Goals/Aims of Procedure

  • To get rid of baldness.
  • To get your confidence back.
  • To get rid of all hinders that are between you and your success.
  • To improve your love life.


  • Stop using alcohol and smoking before 7 days of your surgery.
  • Don’t use any kind of blood thinners for 10-14 days before surgery.
  • Done with all of the prescribed tests.
  • Take medicines if prescribed by your doctor.


Stemcell FUE is done with the help of automated punch that removes individuals grafts (Size 0.5mm – 0.7mm) Small follicle size gives the better result with more natural look. Very small pinhole scars occur during treatment and not noticeable. Treatment is performed in very short time as the machine is extracting the grafts it can extract 4000 grafts in single session. The 2nd step is to prepare the recipient site. A special needle is used by the surgeon to make incisions for transplant. It is an important step to get best result from the transplant. The finer grafts are placed at the front as per the predetermined hair line density and the thicker grafts are used for building the volume in the mid regions of the scalp. This is a fairly time consuming process.

Post-Op Care And The Recovery Time

• Stop smoking for almost 7-10 days after your surgery.
• Don’t go in direct sun exposure.
• Shampoo your hair according to the directions that are provided by your surgeon.
• Take medication properly that is advised by the doctor.
You need almost 7-8 months for proper recovery, however, you start to notice growth in your hair after 3 months.

Results and Benefits

Stem cell is the most effective hair transplant in Dubai procedure which gives highly successful results. Transplanted hair start shedding within few weeks and new hairs take three months to start growing. Full lengthis reached in 12 to 18 months. About half of the hair from the donor site also grow which doesn’t happen in any other procedure.
Down Time with Procedure
There is no lengthy downtime with this procedure and patient will get back to routine in a week. Make sure that you rest well for a speedy recovery as per the doctor’s instructions.

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