People’s reviews for FUE and FUT hair transplant

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February 1, 2017
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February 2, 2017

Hair transplant is basically a hair substitution medication that is equally accessible for all males and females. It serves to repair the misplaced hair via transplanting new hair follicles into the diminishing areas on your head. It might be applied to adjust male/woman-layout sparseness and all forms of balding. FUE and FUT are the most common procedures for effective hair transplant. Today I have collected some real life experiences from random people who shared their important reviews about the both surgical treatments.

FUE hair transplants Reviews:

  • I look 10 years younger after FUE hair transplant; isn’t it amazing?

FUE hair transplant was the most effective technique that helped me to overcome the hair loss issue in relatively short time period. I am thankful to my hair surgeon in Dubai who helped me to gain a look I was looking for. My wife said, you look ten years younger after the transplant. There were 200 grafts with an option to do a second one for great density and lowering my hair line. I couldn’t be happier with the results. But yes the anesthetic injections do hurt (5/10) but it’s all over pretty quickly. Well, well, well worth it.”

  • 600 FUE that went well for me…

“FUE hair transplant is actually a simple 600fue that went well for me. I visited Dr. Lindsey in Dubai health clinic and thinking maybe a 200 FUE would be better. I was told 200 units cover about the size of a postage stamp and went with the 600fue recommended by him. After the surgery and 17 months later, the hair line was filled in with no visible or apparent weak spots. It was a good experience for me.

FUT hair transplant reviews:

  • A correct decision of FUT for 4000 grafts in Dubai:

“I would like to give my thanking note to the hair surgeons of Dubai from the core of my heart as they have done my FUT hair transplant with 4000 grafts even after the failure of my previous surgery of FUE from Canada. I am 30 years old from India; I was quite dissatisfied with my previous surgery in Canada as I didn’t get the expected results as Doctors told me via an FUE surgery. I did an extensive research on Internet and find Dubai health clinic, where I got professional people to deal with the issue efficiently. And today thanks God, I have overcome the issue and quite satisfy from their efforts”

  • FUT transplant for 2357 grafts;

“I started to lost my hair in the very young age, like when I was 23 years old; I experienced the severe baldness pattern. I lost all my hopes because none of the technique was giving the expected results. I wanted to improve my physical appearance as I was a student and had to move in my social circle. Then my friends suggested me to undergo FUT hair transplant. As a student, I have limited funds, but when I came to know its quite affordable then I decided to move to Dubai for FUT. And now I am really thankful to my surgeon who helped me with 2357 grafts and changed my appearance with this simple technique.”


At the end I would recommend my readers to choose FUE or FUT method for long lasting results, as the techniques are quite affordable as well as influential for everyone looking to overcome the issue.

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