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May 18, 2017
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May 19, 2017

The leading edge technology and techniques with reasonable hair transplant cost in Dubai has paved a smooth way towards getting back your fuller scalp. The investment is worth it when you see the results it bores in the end. Are you the one who is fighting for long with baldness or thinning? Don’t lose hope, because it’s all that we ensure at hair transplant in Dubai to answers your hopes, positively.

The human body is a perfect gift of nature and we have this responsibility on ourselves to maintain the beauty of it. Just like that, your scalp needs you too, so take care of it. The healthy scalp provides healthy locks, as the healthy scalp contains healthy follicles. The follicles are the main growth factories that ought to produce strands, and the healthier follicles, the more healthy strands.

Common Causes

There are many scalp conditions that cause the baldness or thinning, not only to scalp but also the facial. Besides them, there is a certain common condition that is the contributing factors:

  • Hereditary
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Skin infections
  • Underlying health problem
  • Nutrient’s deficiencies

Each strand comprises of certain protein chemical bonding called keratin, which maintains the strength of a strand. If the bonds are disturbed, the whole structure will start out to break, called the breakage. The strands reduction or thinning also occurs due to the inflammation of the follicles, so that they begin to produce lesser and lesser with the passage of the time.

Find a Treatment

So, the point is if you know the cause, the problem will be easy to handle. So buckle up, don’t lose hope and don’t just sit back and watch. Your locks propose more than 50 percent of your personality and the affair of love and hate with them carries on. There are many home remedies that can cure the early stages of baldness. Simple remedial things are even available in your kitchen. Just look around and find the cure.


There are medications that control the speed of loss. You first have to consult a good doctor who can advise you better. If the skin needs treatment than so be it. If it’s something with your scalp, then the specialist will prescribe you medicines. These medications do work, but the catch is to keep on using them, if you stopped, the problem will come back again. So, a permanent treatment is necessary.

Dubai hair club is providing state of the art facilities for scalp restoration treatment for any type of problem. The positive side of these treatments is that they provide a positive outcome that is permanent. Using your own healthy grafts to fill the bald areas diminish the problem of the donor, as the candidate himself is the donor. The treatments are already giving successful procedures to many people, providing real grounds to their hope and not letting them give up.

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