Natural Looking, Non-Invasive Hair Transplant in Dubai with FUE

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How to Fight Male Pattern Baldness?
July 13, 2017
How to Find the Best Hair Transplant in Dubai
How to Find the Best Hair Transplant in Dubai?
July 15, 2017
Natural Looking, Non-Invasive Hair Transplant in Dubai with FUE

Getting rid of your baldness concerns is not a problem anymore because the latest advancements in technology have reached to its optimum levels in the last decade. At the forefront of hair restoration technology, the best hair transplant in Dubai is famous for revolutionary innovation of the Follicular Unit Extraction method. The FUE hair transplant treatment in Dubai works very well for both men and women and deal with all types of hair loss and thinning.

People usually have this notion that surgical hair restoration or transplants might be a bad idea. The fear is basically of getting an artificial look or the notion of surgery is disturbing. Most people have these fears commonly:

  • The surgery is painful.
  • Recovery time is too long.
  • They don’t fill in the bald spots completely
  • The surgery leaves hideous scars
  • They don’t fill in the bald spots evenly or completely

In light of these factors, it is a truth that the traditional techniques were based upon the strip harvesting methods. The single thin strip was extracted from the donor area and dissected into desired sizes. After that, the strip is transplanted to the bald area.

Latest Non-invasive Treatment

But the good news is that new procedures have changed these whole criteria of surgical hair restoration procedure and have made it less invasive and more effective. The FUE hair transplant treatment in Dubai is a reasonably less invasive method that involves removing follicles from donor site, usually back side of scalp, with the specially designed tool. The extracted follicles are then implanted into the bald area.

This procedure is lengthy as compared to the traditional surgical procedure but is less painful and leaves no scar. The recovery starts within 7 days of the treatment with proper post op care. After 3 months, you will notice enough hair on your head that gradually forms into full form and med well with your existing hair.

Best Advantages of FUE

  • Minimally invasive.
  • Patient-friendly.
  • Natural and gentle hair restoration procedure.
  • Natural-looking results.
  • Shorter recovery time.

Dubai hair club is providing this latest form of treatment and giving successful procedures to many. This procedure has shunned the factors that may restrain you from going for this procedure.

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