My Hair Loss Is Making Me Suicidal – What To Do Now?

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March 3, 2017
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March 6, 2017

Hair loss is a drastic event of anyone’s life. People indulge in depression, stress, low self-esteem and other related psychological issues due to hair loss. I have witnessed some of the people who event want to commit suicide as they are not brave enough to deal with such situations. When someone asks them about the reason behind their hair loss, they consider it as a taunt and feel miserable.

I have witnessed a person who was in the situation of depression. He stated that he considered his life miserable. He stated that he thought whenever he looked down at the keyboard or want to read any book then his hairs lay down on the keyboard or book. He was worried because he could not adopt any hairstyle. He just opts with the short hairstyle. He was supposed to kill himself because he wants to look more adorable by adopting beautiful and latest hairstyles that are possible just with the head full of hair.

Well, you should find some solutions instead of becoming suicidal. It is not the solution to any of your problem. The technology has made it easy for all of us to get our hair back. Hair transplantation surgery is most used nowadays. Most of the people are moving towards it to get their hair back on their head. Even if you want to get increased volume of hair on thefacial area then it is also possible with the help of facial hair transplant.

Methods of Hair Transplantation

Various methods are accessible to get hair transplantation done. The reason behind different methods is that one method is not suitable for all people. So, you need to do proper analysis and select a method on the basis of your requirements.

How to Select a Method?

  1. You should go to a hair transplant surgeon and get the proper analysis of your scalp.
  2. The expert will take your medical history and prescribe some required tests.
  3. After the analysis, he will suggest 2-3 methods and you need to select one on the basis of your requirements.

FUE transplant, FUT hair transplant, Stem Cell surgery, and PRP treatment are the most recommended methods by the surgeons.

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