Mustache Hair Transplant in Dubai

You like your masculinity and want to have it on display? You’re not alone, millions around the world are just like you. And nothing wrong with showing off some of your muscles or keeping a strong mustache. The latter particularly is a major sign of manliness around the globe.
Are you one of those people who wish to keep a mustache but avoid it due to the weak or patchy appearance? Once again you are not alone as many people have this issue. You really do not need to worry as the solution is available in form of a mustache hair transplant. That’s right! It’s the one fix that really works. Interested in learning more on how it works, let’s dig in a little further.

What Is Mustache Hair Transplant?

Mustache hair transplant is a procedure that allows you to get your natural hair on mustache area. In case, if you have less density of hair or you have bald patches on the area then this procedure works for you.

Who Is A Candidate?

You need to consult your surgeon for this purpose. However, you are a good candidate if;
• Your scalp has enough flexibility.
• You have real expectations with your treatment.
• Your hair loss is not continuous anymore.

Goals/Aims of Procedure

• You want to grow more density of your mustache.
• You want to look handsome.
• You consider mustaches a sign of manliness and you want to adopt it.
• You want to become belly of the ball among girls.


Careful preparation before getting any surgery is the key to get best results. Same is the case with mustache hair transplant in Dubai. You need to follow some tips to ensure that you are ready for getting your transplant surgery. We provide proper instructions.
• Stop using any type of medicine that includes blood thinning characteristics.
• Stop smoking for at least 14-15 days before taking treatment.
• Don’t with all of the essential tests that are required for this treatment.


You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the transplant options. Follicular Unit Transplant, better known as the strip method and Follicular Unit Extraction both are good fits. It’s up to you to choose based on factors like level of invasiveness, cost of treatment and the recovery period. The latter though is a better one when it comes to lesser grafts.
How does a mustache hair transplant work?
That’s the first thing that naturally comes to mind. It is quite simple and nothing out of the ordinary. It’s a typical hair transplant except it is done on the face rather than the scalp. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, typically the back and the side of the scalp. Incisions are made in the mustache area with specialized needles. It’s an important job and done by the surgeon. The next natural step is the grafting of the follicles into the mustache area. And that’s about it, that’s is how it is done.

Post-Op Care And The Recovery Time

After procedure care will vary with the procedure you opt for. In case of the strip method, you’ll have a bit of scalp tightening. Some rest is needed for the potential headaches in both options. You will have medications for that. Shaving will not be an option for a week or so.
Ensure that you take time off from work to recover quickly. It’s important that you follow the instructions of the doctor so that everything goes according to plan. So get the transplant and get the mustache of your dreams. It’s easier than you thought.
The mustaches will take a few months to show up entirely. The grafted hair will shed in a couple of weeks which is the way it should be. Within three months of the treatment you’d see some hair coming out. That’s your new mustache which should achieve full length in a couple of months at the most. However, full hair growth will take up to 12 months. You need to be focused on the care as prescribed by your physician during this time period.

Results and Benefits

You will get your desired results after getting the procedure. Your surgeons explains you about the results before the treatment. We are providing 100% guaranteed results. The benefits that you get by this surgery include intense and desired density of your mustaches, removal of bald patches, and handsome look.

Free Consultation

Are you ready for a mustache transplant? Do you want to ask some questions before going for treatment? Don’t worry for these things. Dubai Hair Club is providing free of cost consultation services regarding hair transplant in Dubai. Just fill the following consultation form to get hear from us.

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