Let’s Talk About Beards: Male Psyche And Facial Hair Loss

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March 16, 2017
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The death of the beard hasn’t come yet. When people read beauty magazines, they search the tips to grow their beard. It may be due to the reason that they want to let it grow or they want to adopt a style that suits their face.

The records reveal a rise in the sales of men’s grooming products like soaps, cleansers, styling creams, shaving creams, and conditioners, etc. However, it is necessary to know the concern about beards. We need to explore male psyche behind this aspect.When shaving isn’t a concern and luxury for the men then this aspect is considerable that what lies behind this psyche of the men Most of the men are moving towards beard transplant to get their facial hairs..

What’s the consideration behind having a beard?

A psychologist Robert Pellegrini has conducted a study to find the correlation between perception of male personality and having a beard. The results revealed that “males adopt beard because it reveals their heroic image in front of others, it reveals that they are sturdy, ready, resourceful pioneer, independent, and have the capability to manage things in a better way. Just the slight look of beard on the man’s face demonstrate a specific character and this is what he wants to show through his appearance”.

Such perception reinforces the dominance and masculinity. The Darwin stated that beard is the mark of natural strength and suitability of the man. Moreover, beards play their part in providing different health benefits to the men.It plays its role as a protector from skin allergy, pollen allergy, sun’s harsh rays, and bacterial infections. Also, it keeps your throat warm in the winters.

Wait! Do you want to grow a beard but you are facing facial hair loss??It is just similar to the example of trees. Just like all trees cannot bear fruit, all men cannot grow their beard. Various factors play their part in this issue, such as heredity, environmental facts, lifestyle, and poor diet. But this is something you don’t need to be worried about. However, you should not be concerned anymore about your bald patches or scattered beard as now here is a solution to the issue.

Whatever the reason to your beard or facial hair loss, it is comforting to know that now there is something that you adopt to get out of this issue. Yes, I am talking about hair transplantation. Healthy hair follicles are removed from the back or sides of the scalp and carefully transplanted in the area where treatment is required. Furthermore, this procedure is best for you if you want to remove the bald patches that you have on your beard area due to pimples or burns. Hair transplant in Dubai is the most recommended method as it provides permanent results.

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