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June 5, 2017
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Are you going through male pattern baldness? Are you looking for its solution but you want to inquire about non-surgical treatment? There are lots of other people like you. Most of the people are looking for comfortable, beautiful, strong, and natural looking hair. According to an estimate, almost 90% of men are losing their hair because of Androgenetic baldness.

What Are Some Non-Surgical Treatments Of Hair Loss?

When you are going to get the non-surgical hair treatment then you need to know the difference between surgical and non-surgical treatment. After that, you need to know which treatment is best for you. Usually, it is considered that non-surgical hair replacement doesn’t have any side effect. However, it depends on the treatment method that you are adopting for non-surgical hair treatment. Wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces are some non-surgical treatment procedures that are considered as traditional practices. Hence, the latest techniques include PRP and Mesotherapy treatment. When it comes to the side-effects, no doubt latest techniques don’t have any kind of side-effects but the traditional techniques have.

Traditional techniques include wigs and hair extensions have side-effects as they damage your existing hair and scalp, and the most important aspect is that your hair look artificial by using these techniques. However, if you go for latest techniques then there are no side-effects. Your hair looks natural and existing hair remain safe.

Which Non-Surgical Treatment Is Best?

PRP and Mesotherapy are two non-surgical treatments that are considered as the best treatments. If you are worried regarding its or hair transplant cost in Dubai then you can ask us anytime as we are always here to serve you.

When Should You Go For Non-Surgical Treatment?

If your baldness is not too severe and you are having thinning of hair then you should go for Mesotherapy or PRP treatment. These treatment methods allow you to activate the inactive hair cells on your scalp.

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