Is Hair Transplant A Permanent Treatment From Hair Loss?

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July 7, 2017
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July 10, 2017
Is Hair Transplant A Permanent Treatment From Hair Loss

Baldness or thinning is the major concern of every other person around you. Be it, men or women, this problem is really a concern. According to a research, the statistics show that about 11% of the world population is looking for a better treatment for their scalp issues. Their focus is towards getting a professional treatment that has long lasting and effective results. The hair transplant treatment in Dubai is giving the opportunity of a permanent relief from baldness.

What Is Surgical Hair Restoration?

The surgical scalp restoration is a mild surgery procedure for a permanent baldness treatment. It is the procedure in which relocation of your existing healthy follicles takes place. Grafts from donor area are extracted. The donor area is the part of the scalp where your locks are resistant to baldness or thinning. Extracted grafts are transplanted to the recipient area where treatment is needed.

A Historic Review

The historical background of this treatment dates back to the early 1950’s, that started with the punch grafting technique. It all started when the research was done on the theory of dominance of donor area which says that this area is resistant to any baldness problem and can be used to treat the baldness.

Who Is The Candidate?

Bothe males and females can take this treatment. People with pattern baldness, also called androgenic alopecia, is said to be the best candidates for this treatment. Rest, confirmation of candidacy is done finally by the trichologist after the consultation session.

Renowned Surgical Techniques

Today, clients who need to have this procedure have a variety of scalp restoration techniques at their disposal that can give them many benefits. The technique of follicular unit transplantation which involves the traditional approach of strip harvesting. The other most famous technique is FUE hair transplant in Dubai, an innovation is surgical scalp restoration procedure and a highly advanced version of the punch grafting method.

Individual follicular units are harvested by direct extraction from the donor area, one unit at a time, using circular punches. While the transplant part is identical to the traditional techniques. The advantage of FUE is the possibility to harvest follicles without leaving a scar, however, it requires more expertise and equipment.

With the introduction of newer, safer, and more natural-looking techniques, the latest surgical scalp restoration had reformed the treatment.

Permanent Solution

The surgical restoration is only permanent treatment because the new growth is natural as the existing but redefined. The point is the prerequisites have to be clear in order to be considered for the surgery. A prerequisite for a successful and permanent treatment is the expertise, skills, required skills and best practices of a professional. The above-mentioned aspects make this procedure a perfect treatment that has its benefits in the long run.

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