Is Hair Loss Inherited from the Mother’s Side?

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April 7, 2017
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Heredity is considered as one of the basic causes of hair loss. This kind of hair loss can be inherited from the father or mother. Also, it may happen that some generations skip it. Another fact is that if one of your parents suffers from baldness then it is not compulsory that you will adopt it for sure. Actually, baldness is associated with lots of factors and your present life plays a critical role in it.

Dermatologists can help you in this regard by analyzing your family history. On the other hand, if you don’t have any history of hair loss in your family, still you may develop it due to some other factors. For example, if you go through chronic stress, hormonal changes, hectic lifestyle or a chronic disease. These aspects may trigger to the baldness. The concept that reveals hair loss is inherited from the mother’s side is not correct. These genes are inherited from the father’s side.

How To Prevent Heredity Baldness?

You should properly in order to prevent baldness, also you have to avoid the sources that put you in a condition of stress, and massage your scalp regularly so that the blood circulation enhances towards your scalp. You may also utilize some herbal ways to strengthen your hair without any side effect.

The best action you can do to prevent going bald is eating properly, avoid all sources of stress, and do everything possible to keep the micro blood circulation in the upper part of your head at high levels.

Regardless of the preventing ways, still if you have turned as a victim of baldness then you should adopt a treatment at the early stage. PRP treatment is the best procedure in such situation. You don’t need to get a hair transplant if your hair loss is in the initial stage. An injection is injected to your scalp that is made up of your own blood and PRP material that allows your hair growth possible at the specific area.

According to scholars, the heredity baldness comes from the mother’s side. It is observed that lots of people are developing baldness from the very young age. This issue is developing psychological issues in teenagers. The statistics reveal that 1 among every 5 young people is suffering from hair loss. It reveals that the disorder is increasing day-by-day so we need to do something in this regard. The awareness is the foremost aspect that can help in such situation.

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