Important Questions To Ask Before Hair Transplant Surgery

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May 23, 2017
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When you are going to get the hair transplant treatment then it is essential for you to get enough information regarding the procedure. Moreover, you should ask some specific questions to your surgeon to know if the surgeon is reliable and expert enough to get the treatment or not. If you are going to get the hair transplant services in Dubai then following are some questions that you should ask.

You Are A Skillful Client For The Surgeon

Being a skillful client you need to choose a surgeon who is expert enough to answer all your questions. You have the right to ask any type of question that is related to your treatment. You need to clear your queries and get satisfactory answers to your questions before going to the surgery. This is the reason that we are offering aFREE consultation so that you visit us and clarify all your queries. We are providing the consultation for FREE of cost as your satisfaction is our main priority.

Questions For The Expert Surgeon

The level of expertise, skills, and experience automatically impact on the success of the selected process. Have a look at following important questions!

  1. Am I The Good Candidate For The Hair Transplant Treatment?

This question is very important because you need to be a good candidate to get the best results. Our consultants and experts get your medical history at the time of consultation and check your donor area to know if you are a good candidate for the treatment or not.

  1. What Is The Cause Behind My Hair Loss?

Your hair loss can’t happen without the cause so it is your right to inquire about the main cause so that you will be careful in the future. Our experts let you know about the exact cause of your hair loss after your careful analysis.

  1. If INeed A Hair Transplant Treatment? Which Method Will Be Best For Me?

If surgery is the only solution to your baldness then ask your surgeon which surgical method will be best for you. Stem Cell FUE is the best procedure while it comes to surgical hair restoration but still, you should discuss it with the surgeon.

  1. How Painful The Procedure Is?

You may get some discomfort during the procedure but there is no pain at all. Small incisions are required to implant the hair grafts. However, topical anesthesia is provided at the start of surgery so that you may not feel any pain. Moreover, our surgeons prescribe some medicine after the procedure for a specific time period.

  1. What Is The Recovery Time After Treatment?

This question is very important as you need to schedule your treatment and arrange other important tasks accordingly.

  1. How Much Does The Treatment Cost?

Hair transplant cost is the basic aspect that comes in your mind. Don’t hesitate to ask about the cost as it is your right. However, the cost varies according to the area and procedure of the treatment required.We are providing special discounted offers for the ease of our customers.

When you get completely satisfied with the answers then you should go for the treatment.

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