How to Regrow Hair on Bald Head – Powerful Natural Solutions

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February 28, 2017
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March 1, 2017

When you notice bald patches on your hair then you should know that you are experiencing excessive hair loss. The issue can be distressing for you and harmful for your psychological health. You may experience low self-esteem, low confidence, And unacceptable appearance. Some of the major factors that play their part in baldness include hormonal imbalance, use of different gels for hair styling, hair colors, excessive sun exposure, improper care, and lack of nutrition. Hence, some natural solutions and products are available to tackle such hair issues. Following are the natural remedies and the ways that can help you in getting your hair back.

Natural and Powerful Remedies to Regrow your Hair

  1. Massaging your scalp is one of the top most remedies to cure your baldness. Make the mixture of coconut oil and warm castor oil. Use this mixture to massage your scalp for at least 3 days in a week.
  2. Neem leaves play their role in preventing the premature graying of hair. They also help in regrow your hair. Antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory characteristics are the strength of these leaves. Apply them on your scalp to get rid of hair fall.
  3. Onion is recognized as one of the best and amazing reconstructors. It contains a high amount of sulfur that is necessary for promoting hair growth. You may increase the amount of onion in your food or simply make the paste and apply it on your hair. It boosts the blood circulation and helps the hair to grow naturally.
  4. Take some amla and henna and make a paste by mixing them. You can also add some amount of yogurt and coconut oil in this paste to enhance its affectivity.

Have you used such remedies but you cannot find them useful?Still, there is a way that can provide you your natural hair back. Yes, I am talking about hair transplantation. It is a natural process in which the hair follicles are obtained from one area of the scalp and implanted into the area where the treatment is required.Different techniques are proposed by the experts and you should choose the one on the basis of your requirements. You can also consult it with your doctor before opting for any treatment plan.

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