How to Get Rid Of Hair Loss Once And For All?

Get the Best Rates of Quality FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai
July 4, 2017
How to Make Permanent Hair Restoration a Reality
How to Make Permanent Hair Restoration a Reality?
July 5, 2017
How to Get Rid Of Hair Loss Once And For All

Are you tired of dealing with your baldness issues on daily basis? Do you need a solution that is permanent and can help you get away with baldness for good? Then here is the good news, your concern is over now. Because hair transplant in Dubai is committed to helping you out in this regard. For all the people, men and women, who are looking for better and permanent solution for baldness, here is your resort.

About The Surgical Hair Transplant

Thank the latest advancements in the field of hair restoration. The process of surgical transplant comprises of certain rules and processes. It is the highly sophisticated procedure and needs a special expertise in this regard. The procedure involves harvesting of healthy grafts from the donor area. The donor site is a healthier part of the scalp with no baldness conditions. The grafts are extracted in the form of follicular units, as in hair transplant FUE treatment in Dubai. A follicular unit comprises of 1-4 strands in it.

Grafts Requirement

The number of grafts is decided according to the requirement, as needed to cover up the bald areas of the scalp. Every person has a different pattern of hair loss. The pattern baldness follows a specific route of baldness. So, the trichologist or surgeon plans the treatment and technique accordingly.

Recipient Site and Transplant

The recipient site that has baldness is prepared by making incisions. The extracted grafts are cleaned and managed onto groups then transplant in the recipient site. After the procedure is completed, a normal bandage is placed on head and client can leave. Special post care instruction is given to the client that are necessary to follow for getting desired results in a good way. The recovery starts within a week and the actual visible results are obvious in minimum 5 months.


The latest surgical hair restoration procedures have made lives easy for many. Nothing is better than achieving a permanent solution from baldness in a onetime investment. No need of getting hair treatments anymore. A natural procedure to re-grow hair again, and yields natural outcomes. The new grafts are blended so well with the original ones that there is no sign of artificial looks. So, are you ready for the baldness free ride? Get your consultation booked now with Dubai hair club.

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