How to Get a Perfect Summer Look with 3 Simple Hair Styles?

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June 21, 2017
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How to Get a Perfect Summer Look with 3 Simple Hair Styles

Are you ready to greet the advent of summers? The bright season with a lot of sunshine. Above all the holidays are coming, so make up a to-do list of all the fun you are going to have in this summer. With other stuff, how can you forget your looks? And with looks, comes your hair styles at priority. After all, our locks carry more than 50 percent of a total weight of our personality.

Let’s see how we summed up some interesting summer up-do that you can opt for this summer.

  1. The Fishtail Braid

So simple and so light style to stay cool in summers. Even the strands without a proper wash can get the freshest looks with that. Just gather your locks to form a simple pony, part in two sections. Use your finger to overlap both on the opposite side, like a standard braid. Continue overlapping pieces from both sides of the ponytail, all the way down. Maintain the even look throughout. After done weaving the strand, cut out the elastic pony band from upside. Now tug the end of the braid with a band to finish.

  1. The Top Knot

The top knot is perfect style to keep your locks away from the neck and getting in your way while you are out. Even while on the swimming, it’s best to keep the water out of your locks. You just need to have some small bobby pins to keep the knot intact. Then in last a spray for better hold. Furthermore, for people with short neck, it’s perfect to create the elongated illusion for a nice picture.

  1. The Low Side Braid

It isn’t a normal style of a braid. You can always give the style a fun twist. For this one tie off your plait with a thin elastic matching your strands color. Then allow the single tendril to slip out on the opposite side of the braid. The funky mix of the spiral will add an adventurous look.

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