5 Things You Learn When You Have A Hair Transplant
March 20, 2017
How Much Cost Hair Transplant
How Much Cost Hair Transplant In Dubai?
March 21, 2017

The restoration of patchy scalp with surgical procedures has now become a great commodity for the persons having baldness problems. The main reason behind its successful application is its long term efficiency at assurance of permanent relief from baldness. Since the last decade this procedure is gaining success all around the world. Baldness is the issue of every second person you meet. But it’s no longer a long-term fight as the efficient solution is right there.

Once you decide to go for this procedure, the foremost thought to click your mind is how much is hair transplant in Dubai? It is the important aspect, you will always want to invest where you can get a more positive result. So, it’s important to do your homework regarding this procedure, so that you have a know-how of its working and cost calculations. Here are some factors that makes the cost vary.

Number of sessions

As session is the specific sitting in the day for performing harvesting and implanting of the grafts. The quantity of sessions depends upon the kind of baldness and the technique proposed to solve it.

Number of Grafts

The grafts are the strips or follicles harvested from the donor area to implant at the recipient site. The amount of grafts is guessed by the size of the bald area of scalp or the loss pattern. The more the bald spots on head, more number of grafts are required for the cost of the surgery. The exact number of grafts is determined by the proper assessment by the trichologist surgeon.


Every technique has its own nature of performing the procedure. This difference may affect the overall cost of the surgery. Some techniques propose more grafting and session, so the calculation of cost is done respectively.

For example, in follicular unit transplant the strands are transplanted in the groups of 1 or 4 in the form of strips. The strip is separated into individual follicular units using microscopes. This procedure is recommended to those who cannot manage multiple surgery dates, so the cost will be for the extent of strip method. The follicular unit extraction removes specific follicular units from the patient’s donor site, and replant them to the bald scalp. It doesn’t involve striping the patches of skin, so the cost might be less.

The Expertise

The years of experience of the surgeon is crucial for the effectiveoutcomes of this procedure. So, with experience comes the higher price. Usually, more qualified doctors charge more for the procedure. So, keep it in your mind before going for this procedure. Better surgeon is worth investing for the successful completion of thisprocedure.

 At average the cost of hair transplant in Dubai is about AED 7 TO AED 25 per follicles graft. The cost figure may go up and down, it all depends upon the condition of baldness or thinning of the patient, his requirements and final evaluation.

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