How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In Dubai?

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June 13, 2017
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June 14, 2017

Are you looking for a hair transplant cost in Dubai? Then your search is now over. Because the best rates are provided, without compromising on the quality and standards, with the hair transplant in Dubai. The latest procedures and techniques have got fame and success all around the world, because of its successful outcome. It has not only provided immense benefits locally but also recognized and appreciated among clients from other countries.

Integral Factors That Determine Cost

A proper consultation session is organized with the client before the procedure, in order to examine the scalp. The analysis of the number of grafts needed determines the basic cost. Here are some of the basic aspects that govern over the range of cost figure for this procedure.

  • As it’s a game of grafts, the more you have, the more it will provide excellent results. The size of the area to be treated suggests the number of grafts needed for the treatment. If it’s more prominent, then you may need more grafts as compared with the candidate having aninitial stage of baldness. More the number of grafts more will be the cost.
  • Every surgical technique has its own planning, process, and the equipment. Such as the latest follicular extraction procedure is different from the traditional transplant method. The sophistication of the procedure requires more time, expertise, effort and cost.
  • The expertise of the surgeon is another factor that contributes to the cost. The fee usually depends on the surgeon’s skill, expertise, and hands-on If you need to gain the probability of more positive results, the experience of the surgeon matters a lot.

Usually, the FUE hair transplant in Dubai is provided for that pattern baldness problem that is widely diagnosed in people. The cost of this procedure is in therange between AED 14 to AED 55 per follicular graft. While other techniques have their own range according to the procedure and the equipment being used.

What You Seek, Is Here

If you are in quest of the most affordable cost with the excellent quality of results, then feel free to start your baldness free journey with Dubai hair club. The team of professionals there are eager to help you achieve your goals.

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