How Much Does a Facial Hair Transplant Cost?

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May 24, 2017
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May 25, 2017

Hair transplantation in Dubai is the best treatment for most of the people as it provides you a complete package to enhance your beauty. If you are a girl then you may be the fond of thick eyebrows and beautiful long eyelashes, and if you are a boy then you may be fond of thick and beautiful beard, mustaches, eyelashes, and eyebrows. So, if you are one of the people, who are seeking for the shiny and thick facial hair, then you are at the right place.

Factors Affecting Cost Of Facial Hair Transplant:

If you know the basics of the treatment then you may be curious regarding hair transplant cost in Dubai. Well, it’s something that can be told by considering different aspects. The cost is different for every person as it depends on various aspects. These aspects include which technique is used, how many grafts are required, what are the expertise of the surgeon, and what is the reputation of your doctor and clinic.

  • No of grafts

Most of the clinics charge clients on the basis of per graft. Here, at Dubai Hair Club, we also charge on the basis of per graft but if you require more than 2000 grafts then we provide an ideal amount to you. Most of our offers include unlimited grafts. So, you should discuss it with us during the consultation.

  • Hair Transplant Technique

If you want to get your treatment done with the help of atraditional method that is FUT hair transplant then the cost will be less. But on the other hand, if you want to get the FUE hair transplant then you need to pay more cost as this procedure requires more skills and effort.

  • Surgeon’s Experience

Surgeon’s experience matters a lot when you want to get the treatment for your lifetime. If you choose an inexperienced surgeon then he may make changes in your grafts direction or may not provide you the natural hairline and your transplant will look artificial.

Beware Of Cheap Facial Hair Transplants

No doubt, you should go for the company that is providing cost-effective rates for the hair treatment but you also need to be careful in the selection of the clinic. Lots of people have now opened small setups where they don’t have enough equipment and they don’t know the exact treatment methods. In such situation, when you go for the cheap transplant and you get nothing but something that is not worth enough.

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Dubai Hair Club is a clinic of hair transplant in Dubai where we have the experienced clinicians. We are providing our expert services at cost-effective rates. You can contact us anytime to inquire about cost or anything else. Fill the following form and get the consultation for FREE of cost. We are not charging any amount for our consultation to make it convenient for you.

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