How Much A Good Hair Transplant Costs In Dubai?

Be Proactive & Get Your Eyebrow Hair Restoration In Dubai!
Be Proactive & Get Your Eyebrow Hair Restoration In Dubai!
July 20, 2017
Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai
5 Things You Need To Know About a Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai
July 21, 2017
How Much A Good Hair Transplant Costs In Dubai

Facing hair loss problems can be a lifelong fight that can leave a person in nothing but distress. Looking into the mirror and watching your constantly balding head has negative effects on a human psyche. To avoid this you need a permanent solution that can end this worry as well as affordable.

The surgical hair restoration procedure is the perfects investment for the betterment of your scalp. Getting a permanent resort from baldness within a single investment is worth your time and money. Are you looking for the best rates of hair transplant cost in Dubai? We have what you are looking for. The most affordable rates along with best hair transplant treatments. The trained and professional staff is always there for you to let your hair loss battle come to an end for good.

This procedure is of a sophisticated nature and only done by a team of professionals. That is why it is necessary to choose a good surgeon and good clinic to undergo this treatment to achieve excellent outcome that is worth your money.

Following are some of the basic factors that affect the overall cost you incur for this treatment.

  • A good consultation session with a trichlogist is necessary to get your scalp examined and get the problem known. The nature of baldness is one of the basics of getting an approximate of treatment cost.
  • The density of baldness and the grafts needed for treatment constitute the overall cost of treatment.
  • The cost of calculated as per graft, so more the grafts more will be the cost.
  • Good website provides a graft calculator so that you can get yourself a rough idea of total cost.
  • The cost also depends upon the technique that is planned by your trichologist. For example our FUE hair transplant in Dubai has special follicles harvesting method, so it costs between AED 14 to AED 55 per follicular graft
  • The surgeon’s expertise is the integral factor that is applicable to achieve good results at the end. With expertise the cost becomes higher automatically.

Dubai hair club is committed to keep the cost level appropriate enough to facilitate its valuable clients while keeping all these factors in focus. The rates of hair transplant cost in Dubai are suitable enough in order to get a quality treatment that care for the worth of your precious time and money.

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