How Is Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure Different?

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May 30, 2017
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May 31, 2017

Usually, whenever we talk about hair loss or hair transplantation, we discuss it regarding men. No doubt, the majority of men is having this issue. On the other hand, women are also suffering from this issue. Nowadays, the people got awareness and female baldness and female hair loss is being discussed among people even in the commercials.

Why do You need To Get An Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

Eyebrows are the part of our face that is really important as the change in eyebrows shape makes changes in our face symmetry. However, the procedure and method of the eyebrow hair transplant are quite different from scalp hair restoration surgery. People believe that usually, men are bald, but it’s not something odd if you see a woman with receding hairline or thinning hair. Moreover, if you ever see a person without having enough eyebrows then it will be disturbing for you.

Causes Of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Different types of diseases or different aspects can play their part as the cause of eyebrow thinning. You can get involved in this issue due to any severe disease, a thyroid issue, excessive use of chemicals on your eyebrows, excessive plucking, burning, infections, tattoos, or any other related issue. Some of the people simply have an issue in their genetics due to which they cannot grow their hair.

How Is This Procedure Different?

Eyebrow hair transplant is different from the scalp hair restoration surgery. Every graft of the hair is in the different direction and single follicles are required to perform the procedure. The hair creates a specific angle that needs to grow outside and stay flat to the face. On the other hand, the scalp hair is different, there the surgeon requires single, double, and triple hair follicles and need to transplant on the gentler angle.

Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

You need to choose your surgeon in a careful way because this is the permanent procedure and you have to live with the transplanted hair for your whole life. Your surgeon requires performing the surgery in a careful way. Usually, FUE hair transplantation method is used to perform the procedure. The surgeon requires inserting the hair grafts in such directions that it looks natural. Very fine punching tool is used for this purpose. It is a tricky task to insert the extracted micro-grafts in the accurate direction. Moreover, this area is very sensitive and special care is required.

Final Thoughts!

However, eyebrow hair transplant in Dubai is the best and preferred method if you love your eyebrows and you want to look beautiful and confident. Eye pencils and eye markers are the temporary procedures and they don’t allow you to get your hair on apermanent basis. in fact, you lose more hair by using these tools.

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