How Effective Stem Cell For Baldness Is?

Three Things You Should Know about Hair Transplant
Three Things You Should Know about Hair Transplant
August 18, 2016
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August 30, 2016

Hair loss or baldness is a very disturbing issue that is common in both men and women. While talking about hair restoration, the only best solution that comes in mind is hair transplant surgery. What if you get the same results with a more effective and minimally invasive procedure without damaging hair growth in the donor area. Yes, you have read write. Stem cell FUE is the procedure that helps grow hair in the bald area without affecting hair growth in the donor area. Read on to know how effective the procedure is.
The use of stem Cell therapy has increased greatly in the last few years. It is used for treating many medical issues and is a perfect treatment for hair restoration as well. Stem Cell FUE is the latest development in FUE hair transplant. It is safest, quickest and comparatively more beneficial hair transplant technique.

How the procedure is performed?  (زراعة الشعر في دبي)

Stem Cell FUE is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure, an automated punch tool is used to extract hair follicles at a fast speed. This procedure is more effective because instead of removing entire hair follicle, several stem cells are left behind in the donor area. This ensures normal hair growth in the donor area as well. This is because remaining stem cells stimulate hair growth. The extracted Stem Cells are then implanted in small incisions made in recipient area same as done is FUE or FUT hair transplant. The procedure provides natural looking results and the hair growth is same in both donor and recipient areas.

Benefits of Stem Cell FUE

Stem Cell FUE has a lot of benefits on other hair transplantation techniques. Have a look on some of its benefits.

• The procedure is carried out using local anesthetic, which is far better option than general anesthesia.
• The procedure involves extremely small incisions and therefore no visible scarring is associated with it.
• Multiple surgeries can be performed in single donor area.
• Higher number of grafts can be transplanted in single session. Therefore, it is suitable for those who need high volume hair transplant and ones whose previous transplant as been unsuccessful.
• Success rate is higher because no grafts are damaged or lost during the extraction.
• No severe post-operative pain or discomfort is associated with the procedure.
• Donor area heals within two days.

If you want to undergo Stem Cell FUE or learn more about the hair transplant procedure in Dubai, visit us at Dubai Hair Club or sign up for free consultation by filling in the form below.

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