How Can You Come to Terms with The Hair Loss Battle

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March 22, 2017
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March 25, 2017

This the worst nightmare of every other human being is the constant running a battle of losing their scalp to baldness, with the nowhere end. It always seems a never-ending game you get tired of even starting it over and over again. But the hope keeps you on road, it is what keeps you driving constantly. Although, at the end we all are human beings, there comes a time when everything has to stop. You just need a permanent strategy to win this battle, as the best of hair transplant surgery in Dubai. Here All the way here to guide through this road. Here is how.

Know your Scalp Problem

First you need to know what actually baldness is? It is illustrated in the form of pattern, and then diagnosed. For Example, male pattern baldness is  very common—two out of three men will have it—its basically starts from the frontal line and moves to the temples and the crown.  Now it’s a debate about the possible reasons behind its happening. There are few most common issues that directly relates to baldness. But at the same time there are some conditions that are almost never associated with health risks, it’s difficult to imagine a common condition that is met with more stress.

Common Baldness Factors:

  • Rapid weight loss- Obesity, crash diet.
  • In case of females, baldness occurs mainly due to sudden stress or hormonal imbalances at certain age.
  • In ailment factors, aside from chemotherapy, more than 5% women suffer baldness or thinning from certain blood pressure medications.

Real Concerns behind Baldness

Here is the important thing, there is a lot of the stigma around baldness due to half-truths and fallacies, but your battle is to search for the truth, stay close to the realities. These may include any underlying health concerns:

  • Ailment
  • Severe surgery and medication complications;
  • Pollution factors.
  • Proteins, B vitamins, or iron and other important mineral deficiencies;
  • Thyroid disease.

The foremost duty of our’s is to get yourself checked up thoroughly to resolve any underlying health concerns you going through. Because it’s the basic thing to solve any problem, get to the root cause. If your doctor’s consultation is done, he will give you various recommendations, starting with the medications. If the problem has just started.


Minoxidil– Minoxidil has been 30-40% effective when there is no underlying cause for the baldness. It works best when problem is not older than 5 years, recommended mainly for women.

Multivitamins– Try treating your scalp problemby multivitamins. There are essential minerals and vitamin needed to cure issues leading to baldness. Win the battle by providing your scalp with sufficient items to heal the issues.

Diet Management

Nature is the viable and sufficient to you in any way possible. Nothing best than maintaining your health by nature’s givings. Consume organic green food rich in magnesium, iron, zinc and other minerals. Drinking water is essential, and drinking it sufficiently is the plus. Diet is important with other treatments, to accelerate the recovery.

Permanent End to the Battle

When the issue has exceeded to its limits, the last resort is to go for the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai. There are many efficient techniques that prove to be helpful in retaining your fuller scalp again, with the procedure just using your own healthy follicles to implant to the patch scalp area. People are already having great results and are happy.

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