Have You Heard Hair Transplant Is Your Best Bet To Regrow Hair?

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July 12, 2017
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Have You Heard Hair Transplant Is Your Best Bet To Regrow Hair

Are you getting bald? Losing hair is your worst nightmare? Then don’t worry now the best hair transplant treatment in Dubai is giving a relief. This relief is a permanent escape from baldness. Yes, you should thank the latest technology and the advancements it has proposed in the last decade. The new scalp restoration procedures have immense benefits and giving away successful treatments to many people.

The new treatments and procedures are making the dream come true for those who have lost their hair and want to grow their natural hair back. From the last decade, the surgical hair restoration has achieved many milestones and the credit goes to the new techniques and procedure. No doubt, a surgical transplant can prove to be the best step you have taken in life for permanent relief from baldness.

Following are the most renowned techniques of latest standards that are helping in a great to provide the best hair transplant in Dubai.

Follicular Unit Transplant Technique

It is a tradition surgical transplant technique in which hair is transplanted in the strip grafting process. The grafts are extracted in a single thin strip from the healthy donor area and this strip is dissected into desired sizes using a special microscope.

The length of the procedure depends on the density of follicular unit grafts need to be transplanted. This procedure has the higher rate of follicle survival and recommended to those who cannot accomplish several surgery dates.

The Follicular Unit Extraction Technique

This technique has come in a form of innovation in a surgical transplant industry. It works with the relocation of follicles. The procedure goes as extraction of healthy follicular units from the donor site, and replant them in the bald areas of the scalp. The grafts can be extracted from any part of the body that has sufficient follicles, that is the plus of this technique.

This procedure requires a qualified surgeon with certain skills. It yields a better outcome and natural looks of hair. This technique is generally pursued male pattern baldness that starts from the hairline to the head crown. Less scarring as no strip extraction is processed.

If you want to get you lost hair back permanently with a single investment than feel free to consult a trichologist at Dubai hair club. A consultation session can better address the scalp problems you are facing. The expert will review your scalp and propose the desired treatment along with other details.

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