Hairstyling Suggestions After FUT Surgery

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March 15, 2017
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March 16, 2017

FUT hair transplant technique is usually adopted by the people as it costs less as compared to FUE. If you are concerned about your hairstyles after the surgery then here is a solution for you. Read on to know the hairstyles that you can adopt after getting FUT transplant. These hairstyles make you feel stylish and beautiful and no one will get to know that you are going through any type of hair treatment.

Styling Advice

There is the possibility that your new hair requires some time to get established. However, you need to wait for a few months to try hair styling on new hair. Before that, you need to deal with the hair that you already have. With the growth of new hairs, you come to know that you have to change your hairstyle so that you can easily accommodate your new hairs. For an instant, when you find the new hair then you want to comb them and make new styles.

You may use hair styling gel, hair cream or hair spray to make your style and hold it almost after 2 weeks of your surgery. It is recommended to ask your doctor before using hair spray, gel, or any other kind of products. Your doctor can guide you better that which type of products you may use for styling your hair. Mousse (hair gel) is considered helpful for hair styling after getting a hair surgery especially FUT hair transplant as it helps in adding volume to your hair.

Hair Cuts

You should go for the trim hairstyle before adopting the surgery. However, you don’t need to cut your hair too short as you need to wait for the proper healing of the donor area before getting another haircut. Most of the times, it is advised to wait for about 3 weeks after the treatment.

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