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May 19, 2017
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Most of the people want beautiful and thick hair just like good health and youth. Hair loss isn’t a new issue but an old issue that persists in both genders. Some of the people have it from their genetics while some other have it due to their health issues or environmental issues. If you want to get a cure then you should get enough information about the issue.

What Is Hairline Restoration Surgery?

Almost in the middle of last century, the technique of hair restoration surgery was introduced. The hair follicles are extracted from the selected donor area (usually back or sides of the scalp) and implanted in the recipient area (usually the front hairline or any other area of the scalp or facial area). Careful implantation is required to perform the procedure in a well-mannered way.

How Hairline Restoration Surgery Is Performed?

Normally, local anesthesia is used to perform the procedure of hair transplant. Lots of techniques are available to perform the procedure, however, FUE, FUT, and Stem Cell FUE hair transplantation are the techniques that are most used to get best and 100% natural result. Once you get the procedure then you don’t need to be worried about your hair anymore as your hair will not fall down again. The donor area is cleaned and then shaved so that procedure can be easily performed. Local anesthesia is injected at the scalp so that you may not feel any kind of pain. After that, the extracted grafts are prepared to implant them in the recipient area.

Expectations and Recovery

The number of sessions and time per session depend on the area where treatment is required. However, normally one session is enough to perform the surgery and almost 7-8 hours are required to perform the procedure with full care. Your doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics and pain killers that you need to use for some specific time period after the surgery. You need to follow the instructions very carefully that are provided by your surgeon if you really want to get aquick recovery. When it comes to expectations, you need to have real expectations from your results. You should also discuss it with your surgeon to get an idea that to which extent you get your hairline back. Mostly, it is observed that you are able to go back to work within 2-5 days.

Cost of Hairline Restoration Surgery

No one can tell you the exact cost of the hairline restoration surgery. You need to visit your surgeon to know the exact cost. The reason is that every person requires different treatment from the other so your surgeon will let you know about the cost of the proper examination. Moreover, expert surgeons charge more fee as compared to inexperienced surgeons.

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