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January 24, 2017
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January 26, 2017
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Are you noticing some bald embarrassing spots on your head? Have you ever been observed lots of hair strands on the pillow after waking up in the morning? If yes, then you are definitely one of the millions of people who are experiencing severe hair loss. There lots of major predisposing factors for this hair loss condition, but today majority of research studies lead to genetics and lifestyle. Now there are lots of treatments released for this condition that may include wigs, toupees to topical ointments, different medicated shampoo, and multiple kinds of herbal products.

But the most updated one among the popular hair loss treatment modality would be Hair Transplant. In this process, a skilled hair surgeon sets artificial hair into the single dormant hair follicle in affected area of your scalp. These little hair strands further encourage some dead follicles to re-grown and build natural hair.

In order to understand more clearly, let me share some reviews from different people who have undergone the surgery;

hair transplant

33 years old- FUE hair transplant patient

According to a 33 years old hair transplant patient;

“I was losing my hair since I was 22 and now the condition is I am receding on frontal area and crown both temples. I was also losing my confidence due to these issues, I was thinking about the problem every day, I tried to use different sprays and got multiple treatments in the past. I also tried to wear a hair system and it did work for sometime but I knew this is not a permanent solution.
Then I did research about hair transplant techniques and read other people’s comments and stories experiencing same problem. And when I found photos happy results, i decided to undergo the FUE treatment for positive results. And luckily, I observed excellent outcomes in short time period.”

35 years old patient Hair transplant patient from Dubai:

One of the patients from Dubai;

“After deciding to have my hair transplant surgery to make it done in Dubai, I started to explore some outstanding place as there are lots of options. Considering the moderate price, refs, multiple reviews etc I decided to choose a reputable FUE hair transplant clinic in Dubai. I was quite impressed by their social media photos, the good reputation of their entire team, their response speed and the overall package offered. I would recommend that I am very satisfied by my experience of hair transplantation.”

25 years old Asian from New York, 3500 grafts!

According to one Asian patient from New York;

“I couldn’t be much happier with the hair transplant results and absolutely do the same thing over and over again. When I dealt with the team and saw their hair transplant techniques, I was quite amazed as they were following all the latest procedures. I was assured that I am in good hands and will get remarkable results. And according to my expectations, I got 3500 grafts with long term happy results.”

At the end, I’d say that there is nothing wrong in doing something to help someone you feel good about him. If it makes him happy, satisfied and more confident, then the sacrifices that he made will be worth it.

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