Woman Hair Loss- What Hair Loss Specialist Dubai Has To Say?
March 3, 2017
fue hair transplant
Useful After Care Instructions for FUE Transplant
March 3, 2017

Everybody knows the fact that hair transplant aids in helping people who are suffering from the hair loss. Thousands of hair transplant cases are successful. Not only laymen have got the procedure done but lots of celebrities also got benefit from this service.

Are you going through issues due to your eyebrow hair loss? Have you damaged your eyebrows due to any mishap like accidents, violent attacks, or burns etc.?

No matter what, now the solution is available in the form of eyebrow hair transplant. If you are covering the scar on your eyebrow with the help of a hat then it’s time to get rid of that hat. No matter if you are a man or a woman, this surgery is useful for all.

One of our patients was attacked by a stranger. During this attack, his eyebrows pulled out and left a scar that was ugly. The scar did not heal due to the inability of regrow hair. It was the psychological pain for the victim and he started to keep himself away from the people, he stopped joining any social gathering just to the scar at the eyebrow.

He kept to seek different alternatives and he got the hair transplant. But he could not avail it due to cost. During his research, he met Dr. Juan Ruiz of Dubai Hair Club, a clinic that has specializations in hair transplant in Dubai. Here, he went for the hair implantations that cost him very less as compared to other hair transplantation clinics.

How was the procedure performed?

Neck region was selected as the donor area. The hair texture was matched with the eyebrow hair. after that, the hair follicles implanted in the recipient area by keeping the original shape and thickness of the eyebrow hair in the mind. Various sessions were required for the proper procedure. FUE hair transplant method was used to perform the procedure.

At the end, the patient was very happy and satisfied with our services. He was satisfied with the permanent results of the surgery. He found a boost in self-esteem and confidence after getting this transplantation. This procedure helped him to get back in the normal life.

Dubai Hair Club is providing efficient hair transplant services to its prospective customers. The treatment is divided into three stages. A detailed consultation process is started in the initial stage. This session is conducted in a careful way to assess which course of action will be best for you. The surgeon discusses different aspects with the patient, and then schedule the first treatment session.

The hair transplantation is the most recommendation method by the experts as it provides a permanent solution to the hair loss problem.

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