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January 31, 2017
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February 1, 2017

Usually, patients are curious about the success rate of hair transplant surgery. It is essential for the patients to know about it as they have to spend their money on this procedure. Also, they want to get the best solution that has the capability to provide best results. The results of the studies reveal that 98 percent of the transplanted grafts grow normal hair.

Experts judge the success rate of the hair transplantation through the appearance of the patient’s hair. However, the success is better judged by the patient as it is necessary to fulfill the patient’s expectations. It has been observed that patients usually ask in the initial procedure that how effective and successful the hair treatment is. We reply them by stating that it depends on your expectations, objectives, and specifically the quality of donor hair.

The fundamental key to the successful hair surgery includes the number of hair follicles that are available and their feasibility. Also, it depends on the capabilities and experience of the hair transplant expert and the ways through which he transplants hair grafts. However, we judge the success rate by the result that is revealed after a year of the surgery when the hair properly starts to grow. Most of our patients provide their viewpoint that they feel the success of the procedure that no one can notice that they have gone through a hair transplant. Also, they get their self-esteem, confidence, and self-image approved.

The process of Follicular Extraction

If surgeons want to increase the success rate of hair transplant in Dubai then they need to take the hair follicle out of the body for as short period of time as possible. In this way, the hair follicle is less susceptible to dry or being infectious. Here, at Dubai Hair Club, we have a huge team of qualified technician those work on the extraction and examination of the hair follicles. They make sure the higher yield of grafts for transplant. We examine our whole procedure of grafting and the results reveal that 98 percent of the grafts are placed accurately that they grow normal hair.

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