Most Effective Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

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August 2, 2016
hair transplant in dubai
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August 4, 2016
hair transplant in dubai

According to Men’s age, most of them usually suffer Androgenetic Alopecia which is commonly called Male Pattern Baldness. As soon as the males reach the age of eighteen or twenty, they start to experience some noticeable thinning of their hairs normally around the crown of their head.
But maybe you have not known that some previous years were actually the great years for various new promising discoveries that can permanently solve the issues of Men’s baldness.
Here is the list of some most effective treatments out there that can help cure male pattern baldness.

Hair transplants surgery

If someone experiencing some adverse hair loss and neither some natural neither treatment nor drugs are working anymore to cure the problem, then he should consider hair transplant as soon as he can, because this is the only cure that can give him the natural appearance for long lasting period.
Hair Transplantation is now very frequently considered by everyone who is experiencing male pattern baldness. It can also be utilized to accelerate the hair growth on your chin & lashes.

FUE hair transplant procedure

FUE procedure basically involves the removal of healthy hair follicles directly from your donor area on the scalp generally at the back area of your head, where the hairs are somewhat plentiful and then grafting them onto the targeted thinning areas.
The treatment is actually carried out under the local rather than some general anesthetic by eliminating the risks, and downtime associated with different hair transplant procedures. And, this treatment is minimally quite invasive, there is no kind of detectable scarring and, in different cases, patients are also able to return to their routine right from the next day with their good results.

This method uses a kind of specialized punch device, ranged from 0.6mm – 0.9mm, which extracts the follicular units completing with other glands. This just separates the surrounding tissue from the follicular unit, means minimum trauma and better results, as well as reduced risk of detectable scarring. The treatment always performed under some high powered microscope through particularly designed instruments, which allows the surgeon to experience the upmost precision for providing natural-looking and undetectable results.


Anyone undergone the hair transplant procedure will be efficiently able to see the outline of their new hair line right after the treatment. The transplanted hair will have fully re-grown by approximately 12 months later.


You can comfortably leave the clinic immediately after this treatment. Healing takes sometime like approximately 5-7 days. After that point all the symptoms of redness or even slight swelling in that area will be subsided


There are different expert professionals in different countries that provide the excellent treatment for male pattern baldness. But Dubai is one of the most popular countries for this reason, that’s why many people prefer to choose Hair transplant in Dubai so that they can get the most effective treatment with the help of efficient doctors. You can easily discuss your problems and can also get free advice from best professional people around the world.

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