FUE Transplant – What you Need to Know
November 16, 2016
Hair Transplant in UAE Cost
How much does Hair Transplant Cost in UAE?
November 17, 2016

Hair loss is an issue that impacts both men and women in a bad way. Different procedures have been described for hair restoration. Some people are using medication, herbal medicines, etc. However, it has been observed that hair transplantation is the best procedure among all hair restoration processes. If you are suffering from baldness then you should go for hair transplantation in Dubai.

You are possibly a suitable candidate for hair transplant if you have heavy hair growth on sides of your scalp and back of the head. These two areas are considered as the best donor areas. Hair provides best results if they are transplanted to the frontal area of the scalp.

Get Detailed Information

It is essential to know about different procedures of hair transplant in detail so that you can choose the best method on the recommendation of your surgeon. It can only be beneficial for you if you read details about preparation, procedure, post-op care, and recovery of each and every method.

Methods of Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation in Dubai can be performed through various methods. A specific method is selected on the basis of requirements and scalp condition of the person. These methods include FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant, ACell, beard, eyelash, stem cell, eyebrows, nano graft hair transplant, and mesotherapy, etc. You can consult our experts to know more about these hair transplant methods and their procedures.

Cost of Hair Transplant

Now when you know about different methods of hair restoration then you may think about hair transplant cost. The cost can be different on the basis of doctor’s fee, your medical history, and your expected results. It also depends on how many grafts you want on your scalp. You can use graft calculator to get an idea about cost or you can also contact our experts for a free consultation.Remember that you should not choose a treatment method just on the basis of cost. You need to focus on the beneficial aspects of a procedure and then make the best decision by discussing it with your surgeon.

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We are providing some special offers to our respected customers. Here, at Dubai Hair Club, our main purpose is to assist our customers by providing them the best solution to their hair loss. You can check our updated offers to get benefit from them. Moreover, you can contact our experts just by filling our consultancy form. We will not charge even a single penny for a first consultation session.

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